Quality leadership is vital to our hospital's operations. The members of our Board of Trustees come from many industries, each bringing a wealth of experience that benefits Community Hospital and helps ensure its long-term success.

Board of Trustees

Kathy BangKathy Bang Mary CastagnaMary Castagna,
Auxiliary President
Donald Goldman,
Scott KantorScott Kantor, 
MD, Chief of Staff
Robert Kavner,
William W. Lewis Mike LyonsMike Lyon John Mahoney,
Vice Chair
Fred O'Such Steven Packer, MD,
Jane Panattoni Shelley Post,
Stephen Schulte Patrick L. Welton,

Phil WilhelmPhil Wilhelm


President's Action Committee

Steven J. Packer, MD, President/CEO

Anthony D. Chavis, MD, Vice President, Medical Affairs

Terril Lowe, RN, Vice President, Nursing

Tim Nylen, Vice President

Cynthia L. Peck, Vice President

Laura Zehm, Vice President/CFO

Chuck Keller, Legal Counsel

Shown left to right:
Tim Nylen, Laura Zehm, Terril Lowe, Steven Packer, Anthony Chavis, Cynthia Peck