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Patient meets her blood donors

Teresa Locke BensonTeresa Locke Benson had a rare condition called paraoxysmal nocturnal hemoglobinuria (PNH). The only cure: a bone marrow transplant. Initially, Teresa was reluctant to pursue a transplant as the prospects of finding a perfect match were dim, and the side effects from a less-than-perfect match were daunting. For six years Teresa was dependent on blood and platelet transfusions.

"There was a time of desperation when I thought maybe I could heal myself, but I wasn't familiar with meditation," she says. "One of my dearest friends suggested I focus on the rhythmic drops of blood going into my veins. I would watch it, drip-drip, and visualize it healing me and giving me energy. I realize blood is possibly distasteful to some people, but to me it is beautiful. It is the essence of energy and vital to any experience. I never took it for granted but always wondered every time I went into CHOMP: Who in this community had given me this amazing gift? I've always been incredibly grateful to the anonymous donors."

As time went on, Teresa's condition worsened and she finally decided to undergo a bone marrow transplant. However, waiting those six years did make a difference. Not only had the matching technology greatly improved over that time, the transfusions allowed Teresa to keep active so that her heart and lungs were strong. All Teresa's blood donors kept her alive and functioning until she was able to find a good bone marrow match.

Teresa thanks

Through Teresa, the Blood Center had a unique opportunity to demonstrate that blood donations truly do save lives. Teresa wanted to meet and thank her blood donors and they wanted to meet her. Letters were sent to Teresa's 147 local donors and the response was overwhelming. More than 40 attended a special gathering and met Teresa.

As Teresa told her donors that day in December, 2007, " ‘Thank you' are the right words but my feelings about my profound ability to live again go far beyond them."

Giving blood is truly saving lives.

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