Exploring Nursing                                                              


How do I decide that a nursing career is for me?

These online resources provide information about the profession: Male nurse in ER

  • Choose Nursing - Information for young people regarding the nursing profession and nursing scholarships.
  • Discover Nursing - Information on the nursing profession, nursing associations/organizations, nursing programs, and nursing scholarships.
  • Nurses for a Healthier Tomorrow - A coalition of nursing and healthcare organizations working together to conduct a communications campaign to attract people to the nursing profession.

Paths in the profession

Nursing has countless career paths. Here are some areas to consider:

  • Choose the work environment that suits you best, including hospital, school, research, outpatient clinic, information technology, medical group, or home health.
  • Choose a clinical specialty that interests you most, such as operating room, labor and delivery, medical-surgical, oncology, pediatrics, critical care, or mental health.

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