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For healthcare professionals

For healthcare professionals

This section is for doctors and nurses to access tools and to learn about upcoming events. The "For Nursing" section is for those considering nursing careers.

For nurses

For physicians

Remote system access

If you wish to use your home computer to access CHOMP systems, click below to view and print instructions for VMWare View Client. You can access the intranet and Outlook web mail once logged in to VMWare.

Questions? Call the HIT helpdesk at (831) 625-4559.

Community Hospital clinical intranet
This is a private web site for physicians affiliated with Community Hospital of the Monterey Peninsula. Access is restricted to authorized users.

Community Hospital employee intranet
The Community Hospital employee intranet is an internal web site. Access is restricted to authorized users. Employees must access the web site using a hospital computer that is logged on to the network. Access using a computer that is not on the network is strictly limited.

Outlook web mail
Provides secure access to Outlook web e-mail.

Authorized user SecurID login
Provides secure access to Community Hospital of the Monterey Peninsula applications for pre-approved remote users.

IRB research approval application

Prescribe Safe

Get information about Prescribe Safe, such as clinical guidelines, directories, and more.

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