Prevention, screening, and education services

Identify the key health risks in your workforce and create a customized health and wellness program. Our prevention professionals offer educational and motivational services for groups in corporate and private settings that teach and inspire. Our team can show your employees how to change their lifestyles to make them happier, healthier, and more productive.  

On-site speaker program        (Available in English and Spanish)

  • We can provide a speaker to come to your site to speak during lunch on a customized topic of your choice. These topics also can be identified through the Group Health Report.  

On-site exercise challenges and fitness programs

  • Various strategies can be used to develop an optimal exercise challenge program at your work site that will increase morale and productivity. We can also arrange to have our fitness experts from the PWC come on-site and provide fitness programs.

Health education classes        (Available in English and Spanish)

  • Our quarterly Healthy Happenings guide describes our wealth of health and wellness classes and services. Included is a list of support groups that meet throughout the year.    

Online health and wellness tools                               

  • Get answers to your personal health questions using our online Wellness Tools.
  • Use calculators to find your ideal weight, nutritional needs, BMI, fitness goals, sleepiness scale, etc.

Intervention programs - Call for pricing

For more information, please email our Corporate Relations Specialist Gene Fischer or call (831) 622-2718.

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Please e-mail our Corporate Relations Specialist Gene Fischer or call (831) 622-2718.