While you're here

Patient Room

Patients come first at Community Hospital. It is important that you and your family members share any concerns with us about your stay. The manager of your nursing unit is here to help, as are the assistant manager and administrative supervisor.

For minor or immediate problems, please talk to your nurse or the charge nurse. The nursing manager will follow up on all complaints.   

Pain management

Managing your pain is an important part of your care. Pain management begins with the belief that you should have access to the best level of pain relief that may safely be provided.

Our goal is to implement a pain management plan tailored to you. We believe pain management should be a combined effort between you, your healthcare team, and your family/significant other.   

Let us know what you think

Your satisfaction is important to us, so please ask your nurse for a patient opinion survey, which you may complete and return at your convenience. You can also complete the survey online