The hospital Pharmacy staff wants to be sure you use your medications safely and correctly. While you are here, your medications will be supplied by the Pharmacy to be sure you receive the correct medication in exactly the dose you need.

A list of medications you are taking at home is helpful to your doctor. Please bring in a list of the prescriptions, over-the-counter medications, and herbal remedies you are taking at home.

Your doctor will decide which medications you should take while you are in the hospital. Please do not bring medications from home.

Our Pharmacy is committed to making sure patients use prescription drugs safely. When you bring medication from home, we don't know if the drug has been properly stored or is otherwise safe. To make sure our patients receive medication in the exact dosage needed, they are given only those medications ordered by their doctor from the hospital Pharmacy.

Medication brought from home must be stored in the Pharmacy or returned home.

Your doctor may prescribe new medications for you to take at home.

Read the FAQ on medicare identified self-administered drugs.