Major Gifts

  • Platinum Circle

Platinum Circle

The following friends have achieved remarkable levels of generosity over the years, contributing more than $120 million to our community's healthcare needs.

$1,000,000 or more

Lillian Adams*

Sadie Adriani*

Nancy R. Barkalow*

Marybelle Barton*

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen D. Bechtel, Jr.

S. D. Bechtel, Jr. Foundation

Joan and Al* Bernardin

Kathryn C. Boulter*

Dorothy and Henton Brenan**

Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Cho

Maurine Church Coburn*

Maurine Church Coburn Charitable Trust

Community Hospital's Auxiliary

Rita and Luis* Echenique

Bertie Bialek Elliott

Lois and Paul Fahrney**

Marie and Earl Foor**

Frank Groves*

Elizabeth M. Harrington*

Joseph Z. Henelt*

Hospice Foundation

Ann and Michael D. Lyon

John A. McCone*

McCone Foundation

Walter S. McCreery*

S.F.B. Morseà

Monterey Peninsula Foundation

Montgomery Street Foundation

Georgia R. Moradian*

Marion and John* Robotti

Nancy and Robert* Roth

Susanne S. and William H. Tyler

Mr. and Mrs. Wilhelm Weber

Helen T. Woodard*


Mary C. Alter*

Isabel and Kathleen Blythe**

Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Bonner

Ingeborg Borovicka*

Evella M. Brandon*

Community Foundation for Monterey County

The Dunspaugh-Dalton Foundation, Incorporated

Donald S. Elrod*

Virginia S. Fredrichs*

Bernice Gold*

Olive K. Greenwald*

Elizabeth Gregersen*

Alborg A. Herud*

Alice D. Jacobs*

Mary B. Kirsopp*

Lloyd L. Mills*

Margaret L. Musser*

Giovanna D. Nelson*

Miller Outcalt*

Edna M. Parratt*

Alice and Harry Pearce**

Frank Rogers*

Dr. and Mrs. Peter B. Salamon

Mrs. Frances Shaffi

Elizabeth Stats*

Kathleen K. Trattner*

Alfred W. Wheldon*

Doris M. Wright*


Robert C. Aitkenhead*

Margaret Albertson*

Ms. Andrea Arnof

Mr. Ian Arnof

Arnof Family Foundation

Maryanne Auerbach*

Violet Baldwin*

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Barkelew

Mr. and Mrs. Jack Baskin

Betty Passmore Bass

Clarke W. Bearden*

Rita W. Behal*

Mr. and Mrs. David J. Benjamin, III

Hilton Bialek*

Helen M. Bird*

Mr. and Mrs. Charles H. Bloom

The Borgman Family Foundation

William H. Burnight*

The California Endowment

Mr. and Mrs. Norman W. Calkins

George O. Carlson*

Leonard Carpenter*

Marjorie and Alger* Chaney

Sybil and Cyril Chappellet**

Mr. Earle M. Chiles

Chiles Foundation

Winifred C. Chrisman*

Joyce and Ralph Clark**

Mrs. Bob Clinton

Russell M. Comrie*

Jeane L. Cooke*

Mr. and Mrs. George W. Couch, III

County of Monterey

Bing Crosby Youth Fund

Charlotte I. Cruickshank*

Kenneth M. Davidson*

Mrs. Virginia M. Davis

Constance Dick*

Mr. and Mrs. James M. Dobbins, Jr.

Dobbins Family Foundation

Nancy and William Doolittle

Sarah E. Dyer*

Jean and Kenneth Ehrman**

Esther Eklund*

Irma and Harry Eriksson**

Mr. and Mrs. John E. Evans

Marguerite and Robert* Evans

Mr. and Mrs. Davis Factor, Jr.

Lillian and Walter R. Farrell**

Kathryn M. Gardner*

Lawrence M. Gelb Foundation, Incorporated

Phyllis and Richard* Gelb

Anne O. Girard*

Cecilia B. Graham*

Rose Mary Graham*

Juli and David Grainger

The Grainger Foundation

Greeley Publishing

Irma and Donald Grenier**

Mr. and Mrs. H. James Griggs

Dorothy W. Guy*

Terry and Edgar* Haber

Mrs. Dolores P. Hagey

Beverly and Lyman Hamilton

Marie L. Hamilton*

Genemarie Hammonds*

Marguerite C. Haughton*

Mr. Homer M. Hayward

The Healing Center of the Monterey Peninsula

Rudy Heinz*

Laurena M. Heple*

Sarah T. Hermann*

Louis W. Hill, Jr.*

Nancy and Samuel Hopkins**

Kip and Jay Hudson

James Hughes*

Howard H. Hughson*

Doris G. Hunt*

Mr. and Mrs. William Hyland

Mrs. Lise Jensen

Josephine and Darrell* Kale

Ms. Carolyn Mary Kleefeld

Lois and Stanley Kord**

Sarah M. Lang*

Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Larsen

Gordon L. Lawry*

Mae and Victor* LoBue

Hing J. and Chow K. Lom Charitable Trust

Lyon Family Foundation of the Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund

Ann and John Mahoney

Theiline M. McCone*

Carroll M. McKee*

Robert O. McMahan*

Donald G. McNeely*

AudreyF and William Mennen

The Mennen Company

Dr. George and Greta Miller

Mary V. Miller*

Norman W. Miller*

Sara E. Mitchell*

Monterey County AIDS Project

Edwin E. and Ruby C. Morgan Foundation

Anita Muhs*

Fred R. Muhs Family Foundation

Dorothea and Milton* Mumford

Mrs. Eileen F. Murray

Margaret L. Musser Fund of the Community Foundation for Monterey County

Northwest Area Foundation

Barbara A. Nugent*

Mr. F. Robert Nunes

Elizabeth O'Connor*

Carl R. Otto*

John F. Otto, Incorporated

Patricia D. Peer*

Pfizer, Incorporated

Dr. and Mrs. Richard A. Pirotte

Carita S. Pope*

William J. Ramsay*

Flora J. Ramsey*

Mr. and Mrs. William N. Reno

Permelia M. Roeber*

Dana C. Rood, Jr.*

Elizabeth W. Rood*

The Samson Foundation

The San Francisco Foundation

Dorothy and Robert Schraft**

Dorothy D. Scott*

Stanley H. Shaw*

Inez I. Sladowski*

Dr. and Mrs. Bob Smith

Dr. Bob and Jean Smith Foundation

Jean and Lyle Smith**

Julia L. Smith*

C. Arthur Spaulding, MD*

Robert and Virginia Stanton Endowment Fund of the Community Foundation for Monterey County

Marion E. Stearns*

Jane and Marshall Steel**

Marshall Steel, Sr. Fund of the Community Foundation for Monterey County

Betty and Arthur Stewart**

Walter E. Stewart*

Hilda and Lars Svendsgaard**

Audrey S. Talbott*

Mr. Robert S. Talbott, Jr.

Harriet Thurmond*

Mr. and Mrs. Peter V. Ueberroth

The Ueberroth Family Foundation

Nathalie H. Utley*

Variety Clubs International

Jean and Howard Waner**

Dr. and Mrs. Patrick Welton

Ada E. Welty*

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Whitehead

Jean Wilder*

Julia and Horace* Wilson

Jacqueline Wright*

Blanche A. Wyatt*

Betty and George Yates**

Mary A. Zumach*


Action Council of Monterey County

Violet T. Appert*

Antone Ara Bia*

Velma and Ted Balestreri

Bamberger-Allen Foundation

Banbury Fund

Mary O. Barkelew*

Mr. Howard P. Barker, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Walter Barry, Jr.

Barbara Bearden*

Audria Bedell*

Rosemary H. Benning*

Mr. and Mrs. John B. Bergin

Mr. Stuart Berman

Mr. David Bernolfo

Marie Bernolfo*

Remsen D. Bird*

Andrew B. Blomquist, Jr.*

Blue Cross of California Community Clinics Fund

Mary and Verle Bogue**

Mary Wolf Rolfing Bogue Foundation

Charles W. Bramhall, Jr.*

James M. Brittain*

Mr. and Mrs. William Brodsley

Estelle M. Buckley*

The Buffett Fund of the Community Foundation for Monterey County

Jeanne and Roger Canel**

Cannery Row Company

Arthur S. Carruthers*

Eleanor M. Chayne*

The PDG Gloria M. & First Dude Bobby J. Clinton Donor Advised Fund of the Rotary Foundation

Margaret A. Cornelious*

Marilyn and Lee Cox

The Lee and Marilyn Cox Gift Fund of the Ayco Charitable Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. Bert Cutino

Marie DarbyF*

Jane Dart*

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen M. Dart

Alan W. Davis*

Alice and Joel Dickie**

Mr. and Mrs. James J. Didion

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Dorn

Mr. and Mrs. Ron Dunlap

Mr. and Mrs. Clint Eastwood

Ada V. Edwards*

Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Ernst, III

Mr. and Mrs. Howard M. Evans

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Ewen

Donald C. Faber*

Mr. and Mrs. James D. Farley

Mr. and Mrs. Jack V. Feather

Darryle Pollack and Vaughn Feather

Caroline and Leonard* Firestone

Elizabeth M. Friedenthal*

Fran Friscia

Dr. and Mrs. Vincent A. Gaudiani

Sharile M. Gellner*

Hester H. Griffin*

Leon E. Groth*

Edgar and Terry Haber Fund of the Community Foundation for Monterey County

Madeline and Charles Hampton**

Bill Hannon Foundation

Nancy E. Hayward*

Elizabeth U. Heard*

Joyce Herman*

Marjorie and Roy* Higgins

Mrs. Cortlandt T. Hill

Dr. and Mrs. David R. Holley

Jennie M. Hooker*

Sue and Ted* Hooker

The Ann Jackson Family Foundation

Harold J. Jacobs*

Albert N. Jensen*

Mr. and Mrs. R. Clint Johnstone, Jr.

Florence and Paul Kagan

Dr. and Mrs. Hisashi Kajikuri

Betty and Jim Kasson

Edwina F. Bent and Gordon G. Kauhanen

Helen W. Keith*

Hon. Lorraine Kendall

Kirsopp Foundation

Mr. Clayton C. Larson

Mrs. Sharon J. Larson

Mr. and Mrs. Howard H. Leach

Barbara and Joseph* Lee

Alan C. Lisser*

Mr. and Mrs. John L. Love

Manitou Fund

Dorothy and Arnold Manor**

Mary H. Marble*

Mark S. Massel*

Lorna and George Mayer**

Elizabeth C. McBride*

Mr. Frank McDowell

Mr. and Mrs. Mike McElroy

McElroy Family Charity Fund of the Advisor Charitable Gift Fund

Donald H. McGilvra*

Ms. Molly Mckenzie

The McKenzie Foundation, Incorporated

Irma L. McKever*

Catherine L. McMahan*

Marjorie R. McNeely*

Monterey County Ryan White Consortium

Ruby and Edwin Morgan**

Anne and Howard Morgens**

The Howard and Anne Morgens Foundation

Mrs. Helen K. Morton

Lorene Mowbray*

Fred R. Muhs*

Robert E. Murphy*

James G. Murray, Jr.* 

Murray Fund of the Community Foundation for Monterey County

Lena E. Noffsinger*

Arnold Oehler*

David Packard*

Dr. and Mrs. Steven J. Packer

Stephanie D. Paillard*

Mr. and Mrs. Carl D. Panattoni

Mrs. Sarah F. Peoples

Frederika C. Phelps*

Elva C. Phillips*

Lillian* and Martin Platsko

Alicia M. Powell*

Douglas E. Ramsey*

Mr. and Mrs. George Records

Records-Johnston Family Foundation, Incorporated

Marybeth* and Wayne Sargent

C. Verne Scoggins*

Barnet Segal Charitable Trust

Shenandoah Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. Robert B. Sheppard

Loma and Hulet Smith**

Frank S. Souchak*

Sports Car Racing Association of the Monterey Peninsula

June Duran Stock

Katherine Swim*

Robert and Audrey Talbott Foundation

Robert Talbott, Incorporated

Herbert M. Tolfree*

Florence and Tom* Tonkin

The Upjohn California Fund

Fran* and Jim Vorhes

T. B. Walker Foundation

William G. West*

Helen G. Westland*

Cynthia T. Wheary*

Dr. Darnell M. Whitt II

Andrew C. Wiemann*