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Behavioral Health Services 

Life isn't always easy; everyone has occasional problems. But sometimes those problems don't go away. In fact, every year, one in five Americans suffers from a psychiatric disorder that interferes with daily life.

Nobody plans for mental illness. But help is available, and with treatment, most people are able to function well. Our multi-disciplinary staff develops tailored treatment programs that guide individuals toward  healthier futures and an appreciation for life.

Outpatient Behavioral Health Services

Our goals are to help you and your family function well, be healthy, and work on your treatment goals. Treatment starts with an appointment and an evaluation. Treatment can take the form of individual, family, or group therapy, medication management with a psychiatrist, support, education, referrals, and other options. Licensed clinical staff will assist you in determining what help is needed and available. An appointment can be scheduled to diagnosis the issues and begin treatment; evaluation, diagnosis, therapy, medication management, and neuropsychological testing services are available. Our clinical staff includes psychiatrists, child adolescent psychiatrists, a psychiatric nurse practitioner, neuropsychologist, psychologist, licensed clinical social workers, and licensed marriage and family therapists.

Partial hospitalization

Partial hospitalization, also known as day treatment, is a daily, intensive, multi-disciplinary program. It is recommended for people with serious emotional disorders who temporarily need a structured treatment environment but are able to return home on nights and weekends. Partial hospitalization is ideal for the person whose psychiatric problems have been stabilized but still requires intensive care.

Inpatient services

Inpatient services are for people who need 24-hour observation and intensive treatment. Located at Community Hospital of the Monterey Peninsula, our inpatient facility is called Garden Pavilion. It offers a safe and therapeutic environment for people suffering from severe, often life-threatening psychiatric disorders.

Crisis intervention

Crisis intervention is available 24 hours a day, offering immediate evaluation, treatment, and referral for people facing psychological emergencies.

Substance abuse services

Our comprehensive programs are for adults and can improve health and quality of life, reunite families, and build self-respect and dignity. Our team knows that everyone is unique and requires individual treatment.

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Contact Information

Suicide Prevention Services, at 1-877-663-5433

Inpatient Mental Health Services
Please call (831) 625-4775 for more information.

Adult Partial Hospitalization Program
Please call (831) 658-3030 for more information.

Outpatient Mental Health Services
Please call (831) 625-4600 for more information. No charge to calling party at 800-499-5135

Recovery Center
Please call (831) 625-4608, (831) 625-4600, or (800) 528-8080. Free screening for substance abuse treatment is available by appointment.

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