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The Carol Hatton Carol Hatton Breast Care CenterBreast Care Center combines innovative technology, including leading-edge digital mammography equipment, and a staff of experienced breast specialists. We tailor our services to your needs, recognize your individuality, and respect your privacy. Whether we're providing a routine mammogram or diagnosing a breast problem and determining treatment options, you will be evaluated by experts and receive individualized care in a single visit in a spa-like setting. 

ACR- American College of RadiologyThe Carol Hatton Breast Care Center's superior care has been recognized by the American College of Radiology, which designated it a Breast Care Center of Excellence. It was the first center in the area to achieve that accreditation, which signifies that it meets the highest level of safety, imaging quality, and technical ability in mammography, stereotactic breast biopsy, and breast ultrasound, including ultrasound-guided breast biopsy.  

Carol Hatton Breast Care Center Features


  • Comprehensive breast care in a single setting, where breast specialists become your personal team. Medical director Susan Roux, MD, has specialized in breast radiology for two decades.
  • Same-day biopsy, if indicated
  • Quick turnaround on test results
  • An integrated breast program to ensure seamless access to hospital-based services, open communication among all physicians and the patient, and continuity of care

Personal Care

  • All-female staff
  • Customized treatment options based on discussion and consensus of a multidisciplinary team of specialists, including radiologists, pathologists, surgeons, radiation oncologists, medical oncologists, and plastic surgeons
  • A nurse navigator to ensure patients get every appointment they need and to provide support and counseling throughout their diagnosis, treatment, and recovery
  • Individualized breast self-exam instructions


  • Digital mammography, enhanced with computer-aided detection software. These images can be manipulated and enhanced, making for more accurate diagnosis and reducing the number of times women are asked to make return visits so that additional images can be captured. In addition, because no time is spent developing film, visits are quicker.
  • Mammography with MammoPad®, ensuring the most comfortable patient experience possible, provided at no extra charge.
  • 3-D breast ultrasound, used in conjunction with mammography for women with dense breast tissue, which makes tumors especially difficult to see
  • Minimally invasive diagnostic procedures using ultrasound, MRI, and stereotactic guidance
  • Access to clinical trials
  • Screening for osteoporosis

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