About Tyler Heart Institute

One in four people will have a heart-related problem in their lifetime. At Community Hospital, we're committed to strengthening the hearts of our community. Enter Tyler Heart Institute, established to coordinate the full range of cardiac services offered by Community Hospital. Ours is a comprehensive approach that addresses prevention, diagnosis, intervention, and rehabilitation. Our primary goal, of course, is to help you avoid heart disease altogether.

Still, according to the American Heart Association, cardiovascular disease is the underlying cause in one-third of deaths in Monterey County each year. That is more than all other diseases combined, and enough to make even the healthiest person start paying a little more attention to their heart. After all, the best time to stop heart disease is before it even starts. Prevention is a primary focus of Tyler Heart Institute, and we offer a wide range of resources to help you improve or maintain your heart health. Learn more about prevention of heart disease at the Tyler Heart Institute.

Tyler Heart Medical DirectorsTyler Heart Institute Medical Directors, left to right: Terrance Moran, MD,
Cardiac Wellness; Vincent Gaudiani, MD, Cardiac Surgery; Pir Shah, MD,
Cardiac Catheterization Laboratory; Richard Gray, MD, THI Medical Director;
and Soteria E. Karahalios, MD, Non-Invasive Cardiovascular Services.

















While heart disease can often be prevented through healthy eating and exercise, genetics play a large part as well. If your doctor thinks your heart needs a closer look, testing may be ordered. At Community Hospital, we are proud to offer the latest imaging technologies to provide you with the best possible picture of your heart.

Learn more about cardiac imaging at Community Hospital.

Should you find yourself in need of surgery, we have assembled a nationally respected team of doctors and clinicians. You can receive the most advanced care, right here in the comfort of your own community - and take advantage of some of the most impressive clinical outcomes anywhere. After your surgery, we will provide you with the rehabilitation and lifestyle coaching you will need.

When it comes to matters of the heart, expect the world, right here at home.

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Learn more about rehabilitation and recovery.