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Tyler Heart Institute: Open-heart surgery

Open-heart surgery can take several forms, and we perform all types of heart surgery - except heart transplants - at Community Hospital.

Coronary bypass grafting

Joe Flores, our first open heart patient

This procedure involves taking a section of artery or vein from another part of the body and surgically inserting it around the blocked coronary artery, establishing a new flow of blood that "by-passes" the previous blockage and restores blood flow to the rest of the heart.

Valve surgery

During valve surgery, the surgeon will adjust your own heart valve to make it work better. In valve replacement surgery, the doctor will replace the diseased valve with a new one. The new valve may be artificial or biological (biological means it has been taken from a pig or human donor).

Aneurysm repair

An aneurysm is a bulge in a blood vessel, and much like an over-inflated balloon, it is at risk of bursting. Aneurysms often occur after a heart attack; the damaged area thins and weakens, and an aneurysm can form in the weakened space. During aneurysm repair, your surgeon will repair the weakened area. If an aneurysm forms in the aorta, an artificial reinforced graft can be implanted in the weakened section to restore normal function.

Preparing for open-heart surgery?

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