Resources for breastfeeding mothers

Education and counseling

Breastfeeding classes,
Community Hospital of the Monterey Peninsula
Childbirth Education League  375-5737 
Doula Services, 647-9307 
Lactation Education Service
Community Hospital of the Monterey Peninsula 
La Leche League  645-6767 
Medela  800-435-8316 x534 
Mothers' Milk Bank 408-998-4550 
W.I.C. (Women, Infants, and Children Nutritional Program).
This program offers free breastfeeding education and
counseling, nutrition counseling, food coupons, and
breast pump loan information for qualifying women,
infants, and children. 

Support groups

Lactation Education Service, Family Birth Center

Community Hospital of the Monterey Peninsula offers prenatal classes and phone and outpatient consultations. Call for more information (English only). 625-4987.

La Leche League of the Monterey Peninsula

Monthly support group for pregnant women and new mothers. $30/year membership fee but nobody will be turned away because of insufficient resources. Call for times and locations (English only). 645-6767.

Nursing Mothers Council, Salinas Adult School

Free 11 a.m. meetings held every second Thursday of each month in the toddler room. Free telephone counseling and support. (English and Spanish). 758-0179, 753-4273.

W.I.C. (Women, Infants, and Children Nutritional Program)

Free breastfeeding peer support group for W.I.C. clients during and after pregnancy. (English/Spanish). 757-7651 (Salinas).

Breast pump resources

  • Advanta Care (sales), 646-0303.
  • Mums the Word (sales and rentals), 375-6867.
  • Ordway Pharmacy (sales), 372-8085.
  • Star Pharmacy (sales), 422-9004.
  • W.I.C. (Women, Infants, and Children Nutritional Program). (Free for W.I.C. clients). 393-3251 (Seaside); 757-7651 (Salinas).


The Nursing Mother's Companion, Kathleen Huggins, R.N., M.S.

The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding, La Leche League International

Breastfeeding Your Baby, Sheila Kitzinger

Breastfeeding Success for Working Mothers, Marilyn Grams, M.D.

Mothering Your Nursing Toddler, Norma Jane Burngarner, La Leche League International