Transitions Program

Are you overwhelmed dealing with a serious illness?

We can help.

Transitions is a nationally proven program that supports individuals who are facing a serious illness and have a life-threatening prognosis. Transitions coordinates community services that can help the individual and their family through this difficult time.

Transitions ProgramWhat services does Transitions offer?

The Transitions team works with the individual and the family to plan the care and resources needed when living with illness.

A coordinator from Transitions helps:

  • Identify and coordinate community resources
  • Arrange transportation to medical appointments and treatment
  • Provide weekly telephone check-ins
  • Provice volunteer support as needed
  • Offer regular caregiver support

Who is eligible for Transitions?

Anyone facing a serious illness can use the services, which are available in their own home, skilled nursing facility, or assisted living facility. The program is provided at no charge.

How do you refer someone to Transitions?

Anyone can refer an individual to Transitions — a family member, friend, doctor, home-care worker, hospital staff, or community agency. In addition, an individual can make a self-referral. The Transitions team will notify your physician once you are enrolled in the program. To make a referral, please call the Transitions team at (831) 649-7750.

For more information 

Community Hospital’s Health Resource Library
(831) 622-2746, Monday–Friday, 8 a.m.–4:30 p.m.