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Montage Health and Community Hospital are committed to your health and safety during the pandemic. COVID-19 information and resources

Community Hospital’s nonprofit promise

For more than eight decades, Community Hospital has operated as a nonprofit. That means we do things differently: We take the money we earn and put it back into the hospital, investing in the skills, services, and technology to serve you. By being careful stewards of the community’s money, we maintain our viability and longevity, so that we will be here when you need us, as we have been since 1934.


Living our vision

Ensuring the pursuit of optimal health for all people in Monterey County, from birth to end of life.

About us


Putting our community first

We focus on what benefits our community most vs. what benefits the company most.

See how we teach local students to stay healthy


Helping those who need it the most

We give millions of dollars to help those who are unable to pay.

Our financial assistance programs

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Improving outcomes

With a longstanding and unwavering commitment to quality, we make sure you’re getting the best possible healthcare.

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Taking care of our resources

Our sustainability is essential, so we put money back into the community by investing in services and technology, with careful consideration and a dedication to remaining good stewards of this valuable and essential community resource.

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Educating for today and the future

As a nonprofit hospital, we invest in the education of our employees, and in future care providers, to ensure that we have the staff and the skills to provide the best care for our community.

Learn about Maurine Church Coburn School of Nursing


Partnering with our community

We look at common and far-reaching goals, then we work with generous donors to significantly improve the health of our entire community.

Montage Health Foundation


Responding to a public health crisis

When our community’s health is in trouble, we educate, adjust, and act to keep our community well-informed, protected, and treated by partnering with hospitals, public health, and other agencies.

Our COVID-19 response

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