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Good Catch Program

Good Catch program

Every day, we have opportunities to prevent errors, improve procedures, and promote patient safety. Good Catch is a campaign to reward our employees who do those things and report them to reduce chances of harm to our patients. Here are a few examples:

Sandra Perez

Sandra Perez, LVN

Sandra Perez, LVN, Family Birth Center, identified abnormal heart sounds during a routine newborn heart screening. She immediately referred the baby to the neonatal care unit and an echocardiogram was performed. The baby was transported on an emergency basis to UCSF for cardiac surgery.

Roy Tejeda

Roy Tejeda, Surgical Technician

Roy Tejeda, Surgical Technician, brought a small materials discrepancy to the surgeon’s attention during a surgical procedure. Thanks to his attention to detail, the wound site was reopened and the object was retrieved, preventing an adverse patient outcome.

Renee Souza

Renee Souza, Respiratory Therapist

Renee Souza, Respiratory Therapist, recognized a patient's deteriorating condition and adjusted her plan of care. As a result, Renee ensured appropriate physician notification and follow-up which included a transfer to a higher level of care.

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