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Inpatient diabetes program outcomes

Our diabetes services

How we compare* CHOMP Society of Hospital Medicine
November 2018-April 2019
Timeliness of blood glucose check after a hypoglycemic event Better 20.9 minutes Top quartile: 44.2 minutes
Resolution of hypoglycemia Better 26.4 minutes Top quartile: 56.6 minutes
Percent of patients with at least one recurrent hypoglycemic day Better 26.0% Top quartile: 27.0%
Percent of hypoglycemic events followed by blood glucose checks within 30 minutes Better 94.70% Top quartile: 55.0%
Percent of hospital patient days in which blood glucose is kept within range (71-179 mg/dL) Better 78.60% Top quartile: 69.3%

*As compared to society benchmark

The Society of Hospital Medicine (SHM) Glycemic Control program focuses on optimizing the care for hospitalized diabetic patients. Data is voluntarily submitted to SHM which is used to compare with all participating hospitals. The numbers above represent non-ICU inpatients.

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