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Patient Family Advisory Committee

Individuals who have received care at Community Hospital or their caregivers are nominated to offer insight and input to help improve care and services. The committee represents diverse membership with a variety of experiences either directly or as a family member throughout the care continuum—including outpatient, inpatient, and emergency services. Working collaboratively, members provide hospital staff with the invaluable perspective of our customers, our patients and their family members, to ensure current improvement projects are based on patient and family needs rather than assumptions about their needs made by hospital staff. The committee represents diverse membership. Coupled with an education program about hospital operations and other external conference opportunities, the group meets monthly with hospital staff to discuss and evaluate key improvement projects currently underway at the hospital. This ongoing dialogue helps to:

  • Identify strengths and areas where change is needed
  • Get feedback on practices and policies that patients and families find meaningful
  • Receive timely feedback and a fuller picture of the care experience

In general, research has shown that hospitals with Patient Family Advisory Committees may also exhibit:

  • Better health outcomes for patients
  • Reduced errors and adverse events
  • Increased patient loyalty
  • Improved employee satisfaction