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Community Hospital Compliance Programcheckmark

The Compliance Program supports the hospital’s commitment to integrity, and helps ensure all employees, medical staff, contractors, and volunteers, act honestly, fairly, and in keeping with the highest ethical standards.

Code of Ethical Conduct

In carrying out the mission and vision of the hospital, everyone is expected to strive for the highest standards of individual, professional, and organizational conduct.

Ethics means doing the right thing. Ethics applies to the manner in which we carry out our responsibilities as outlined in our Code of Ethical Conduct.

Chief Compliance Officer

The Chief Compliance Officer (CCO) is available to anyone who has a concern about compliance and wishes to report it or wants to know more about compliance and our related responsibilities. The CCO can be contacted during normal business hours.

Tim Nylen
Chief Compliance Officer
(831) 622-2774

Compliance Hotline

The hospital maintains a compliance hotline that is available seven days a week, 24 hours a day, and is managed by an independent company. By using a private, four-digit code of his or her own choice, anyone can report a compliance concern to the hotline anonymously. The hotline company will forward information concerning a hotline call to the CCO for investigation. The hotline does not keep voice copies or tapes of hotline calls.

Compliance Hotline: (800) 810-0176

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Phone: (831) 622-2645


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