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Montage Health and Community Hospital are committed to your health and safety during the pandemic. COVID-19 information and resources

Published on February 18, 2021

To double-mask or not to double-mask?

a man wearing two face masks.

A message from Dr. Martha Blum, medical director of infection prevention at Community Hospital:

As the pandemic has evolved, we have learned that not all cloth face coverings and masks offer the same amount of protection. We also now have more coronavirus variants in Monterey County. And they are highly transmissible.

The primary benefit of wearing a face covering is that it contains the user’s own respiratory secretions, which protects those around them. When public health officials recommend wearing face coverings, it’s not to protect the wearer, it’s to protect those around the wearer. The cloth face coverings do offer some protection to those wearing them, but with varying degrees of effectiveness.

With more highly transmissible variants of COVID now here, many people are looking for better protection against exposure in public. Based on current scientific evidence, it appears that adding a second layer of cloth mask or adding a surgical-type paper mask over a cloth mask will likely improve protection. Also, staying outside, keeping distance, and minimizing time spent with others not from your household continue to be very effective ways to reduce your risk of getting exposed and/or transmitting the virus.

Read additional information on mask use guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC).

Local COVID-19 data

February 26, 2021

  • Total COVID-19 patients in hospital: 1
  • COVID-19 patients in ICU: 0
  • Total ICU-level patients (COVID and non-COVID): 17*
  • Recovering inpatients: 8
  • Deaths to date: 78

*Our ICU has 20 beds; we are converting other areas of the hospital to care for ICU-level patients.

COVID-19 test results

  • Patients tested to date: 27,002
  • Positive cases to date: 1,615

COVID-19 cases and admissions for the past 30 days

Monterey County testing and data

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