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Published on December 10, 2020

Waiting on the world to change….

Two people sitting on a couch with festive wool socks on watching TV

Spoiler alert:

The arrival of vaccines and the – fingers crossed – demise of COVID-19 are still at least a little ways off.

And there’s not much any of us can do about it.

But we can still try to keep ourselves entertained.

We know, you’re sooo over the sourdough thing, the Candyland game board is fraying at the folding seams, you’ve become master chefs with freezer-burned top sirloin and whole-kernel corn, and how many virtual museums can a person visit?

Maybe we can help. We’ve pored over newspapers and online offerings and virtual meeting anecdotes. And we’ve come up with some things that might scratch that “I-swear-I’ll-do-anything-to-not-have-another-Zoom-happy-hour-with-a-marginal-acquaintance” itch.

Hang in there. We’ve come this far, after all.

  1. Reflect. If you’ve watched a single minute of a single Hallmark Christmas movie (and we know you have), you realize that home is where you find it. But here we are in our actual homes for the holidays. Those homes mean something to you beyond the walls and floors and roofs – and toilet paper-less bathrooms. We would love to hear what your home represents to you and your family. Send us your thoughts. We’ll publish them in upcoming editions of our newsletter.

  2. Clean. Finally, clear out that junk drawer. Really. Just one. While you’re Netflixing, Hulu-ing, Prime-ing, streaming without shame. Once you’re done with that drawer, we swear you’ll be amazed at how it feels. Something like those endorphins runners claim to get.

  3. Write. A poem. A song. A book. A love letter. Without digital technology. Pen to paper. Imagine that.

    A woman writing in a notebook
  4. Cling to the classics. You can virtually attend “A Christmas Carol” (American Conservatory Theater; and “Nutcracker” (San Francisco Ballet; Sentimental, if nothing else.

    A ballerina's legs and feet with a Christmas tree behind her
  5. Get your kid on. If you’re more of the tactile ilk, check out Hasbro’s new Play-Doh for adults (hint: offering smells like lattes, clean denim, the spa, and fresh-cut grass….). Then again, that original scent was really something.

  6. Send a CD. Yes, a CD. Everyone, it seems, has a holiday album. Kelly Clarkson. Tori Kelly. Leslie Odom Jr. And dear old Dolly Parton’s “Holly Dolly Christmas.” You could send it digitally, of course, but isn’t it still nice to get something in the mail?

    A smiling and happy man looking into a package he just opened
  7. Survive. Check out Monterey County Weekly’s "Winter Survival Guide", a path to staying engaged, social, and happy.

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