14th Annual Monterey Bay Regional Heart Symposium Handouts - Community Hospital of the Monterey Peninsula

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14th Annual Monterey Bay Regional Heart Symposium Handouts

You may download presentation handouts that have been made available from the speakers by clicking on the title of the presentation.  Not all speakers provided handouts.  Presentations without a handout will not open.

Valvular Heart Disease

Keynote address: Evidence-based Management of Valvular Heart Disease | DR. ROBERT BONOW

Transcatheter Aortic Valve Replacement (TAVR): Present and future | DR. ANSON CHEUNG

Heart Failure

Management of ischemic left ventricular dysfunction ❘ DR. ROBERT BONOW

Electrophysiology in the management of congestive heart failure ❘ DR. BYRON LEE

Diagnostic Assessment of Ischemic Heart Disease

ECG mimics of myocardial infarction ❘ DR. NORA GOLDSCHLAGER

Stress testing: Nuts and bolts ❘ DR. NORA GOLDSCHLAGER

Cardiology: East versus West

Integrative medicine: Approaches to treatment modalities in cardiovascular disease ❘ DR. MIMI GUARNERI

Drug safety: Assuring providers and patients in 2013 and beyond❘  DR. RICHARD KOVACS

Mind-heart connection applied to cardiovascular disease ❘ DR. MIMI GUARNERI

Sports Medicine

The heart of the American athlete: Highlights from the first American College of Cardiology symposium on sports cardiology ❘ DR. RICHARD KOVACS

ECG screening of athletes ❘ DR. BYRON LEE

Echocardiography in Valvular Heart Disease and the Athlete

Emerging concepts regarding aortic stenosis ❘ DR. ANTHONY DEMARIA

Echo findings in the athlete ❘ DR. ANTHONY DEMARIA

Novel Therapies for Risk Factor Management

Untangling the heavy cardiovascular burden of obesity and the obesity paradox ❘ DR. CARL J. LAVIE

Lipids 2013 beyond statins: Is there a reason to treat high triglycerides and/or low HDL? ❘ DR. CARL J. LAVIE

Treating hypertension: A moving target ❘ DR. RICHARD WRIGHT

Renal denervation ❘ DR. DAVID LEE

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