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  • Supreme Court upholds healthcare reform

Published on June 28, 2012

Supreme Court upholds healthcare reform

With today’s Supreme Court decision upholding healthcare reform, Community Hospital, and indeed all hospitals, have much-needed clarity to continue on the path toward transformation. We are committed to remaining sustainable, accessible, affordable, and financially strong.

We are fortunate to have a highly engaged and well-trained staff, generous philanthropic support from our community, the latest technology, and a highly skilled, board-certified medical staff. For those reasons and many more, we are confident we will be around for our community and surrounding communities for a very long time.


That said, here are some important considerations about today’s Supreme Court decision.

  • Today’s decision lifts a heavy burden for millions of Americans who need access to healthcare coverage.
  • California hospitals in general, and Community Hospital specifically, are pleased that the Supreme Court has chosen to uphold the ACA.  Admittedly, there are elements of the ACA that are not perfect, but the law goes a long way toward the goal of ensuring that all Americans have access to high-quality healthcare.
  • Transforming healthcare takes more than the strike of a gavel or the stroke of a pen. It calls for the entire community to work together. For Community Hospital, that means continuing to deliver high-quality care more efficiently — continuing to develop the patient-centered medical home, the expansion of disease management programs, the implementation of complex case management, the enhancement and support of electronic health records in community physician offices and clinics, and the commitment to growth in our health information exchange Central Coast Health Connect (CCHC), formerly known as PHIL.
  • Although much of the focus of the Affordable Care Act is on expanding coverage to the uninsured, the law also includes numerous provisions aimed at improving quality and lowering costs. Community Hospital has been on the leading edge of these delivery system reforms. We will continue down that path.
  • Community Hospital knows our local residents and employers will expect us to deliver on the direction to which we have committed.


With Community Hospital CEO/President Steven Packer leading the way as California Hospital Association board chair, California hospitals look forward to continuing our partnership with state and federal officials and other stakeholders as we move toward implementation in 2014.

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