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  • When it comes to your health, everything matters.

When it comes to your health, everything matters.

Where can you start on a path to wellness? Know your numbers when it comes to these five important measures of good health:


Healthy range

Total cholesterol   Below 200
LDL (bad) cholesterol Below 100
HDL (good) cholesterol Men — above 40
Women — above 50
Blood pressure
Systolic Below 120
Diastolic Below 80
Obesity/healthy weight
Waist Men — less than 40 inches
Women — less than 35 inches
Diabetes/blood sugar
Fasting — below 100
Non-fasting — below 140
Recommended daily exercise   Ask your doctor

Find a doctor

Having a primary care doctor is the best first step toward taking charge of your health. A primary care doctor can learn your medical history and help you chart your medical future, working to keep small issues from growing into larger ones.

If you need assistance finding a primary care doctor, use our “Find a doctor” service or call 1-888-45CHOMP and ask for a referral.

If you don’t have insurance, find out whether you qualify for Medi-Cal or other assistance by calling Monterey County Department of Social and Employment Services at 1 (866) 323-1953.

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