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Published on March 04, 2013

Breast Care Center receives $25,000 Safeway grant for women in need

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MONTEREY, Calif. — Nearly 100 women in need in Monterey County have received advanced breast imaging at Community Hospital’s Carol Hatton Breast Care Center, thanks in part to the generosity of the Safeway Foundation.

The foundation recently provided a $25,000 grant to the Carol Hatton Fund for Women in Need, bringing its total contribution since 2009 to $80,000. The fund provides access to the latest in breast cancer detection for women who otherwise could not afford it.

Jan Dunn, BCC with Anita Reavis and Joe Miguel of the Carmel Safeway

Jan Dunn, coordinator of the Carol Hatton Breast Care Center,
receives a $25,000 check from Anita Reavis and Joe Miguel of the
Carmel Safeway, on behalf of Safeway Foundation.

“Many of these women would not have access to needed services without this assistance,” says Jan Dunn, coordinator of the Carol Hatton Breast Care Center. “Alleviating financial concerns helps them focus on potential health concerns.”

Community Hospital is one of more than 100 organizations funded by Safeway to further research, treatment, and access to preventive services in the neighborhoods where its customers and employees live.

“Safeway is proud to support worthy institutions like Community Hospital,” says Keith Turner, director of public and government affairs for Safeway’s Northern California Division. “Employees donate more than 1 million hours of volunteer time annually, and the Safeway Foundation backs up those efforts with monetary support.”

Each October, during Breast Cancer Awareness Month, a fundraising and awareness campaign is held at Safeway’s more than 1,600 stores. Customers can participate by donating at check stands, purchasing reusable pink shopping bags, or buying products whose suppliers donate a portion of proceeds to the effort.

“It’s wonderful that Safeway keeps contributions in the community where they are donated, helping local women,” Dunn says. “I believe it encourages people to donate because they know that they, their family, friends, or neighbors may need help.”

In addition to the Hatton fund, the breast care center also has the Sherry Cockle Memorial Fund, which pays for screening mammograms for women who can’t afford them. Find information about the funds or the Carol Hatton Breast Care Center on or call 622-2760.


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