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2015 News

Published on May 18, 2015

Community Hospital’s Tyler Heart Institute and the SPCA for Monterey County partner for the health of all mammals


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MONTEREY, Calif. — Animals in Monterey County can now rest easy knowing their caregivers and visitors at the SPCA for Monterey County are a little safer thanks to Community Hospital Tyler Heart Institute programs automated external defibrillator (AED) program.

In March, the SPCA entered a contest to win an AED — a device used to restart a heart after it has stopped beating. The contest was hosted by Via Heart Project, which manages AED programs nationwide, working with partners including Community Hospital. The SPCA submitted a lighthearted video to Via Heart Project showing animals resuscitating their caregivers because an AED was not available close-by. The SPCA was one of two winners; Via Heart Project approached Community Hospital about donating an AED to the organization. It will be one of more than 286 AEDs overseen by Community Hospital throughout Monterey County and the second at the SPCA.  The AED will be placed in the SPCA’s education building, where many meetings, events, and children’s camps are held.

“We are very happy that the SPCA for Monterey County recognizes the need for AEDs in its facilities and took this proactive approach to get an additional one,” says Deena Haynes, Community Hospital’s Tyler Heart Institute assistant director and coordinator of the hospital’s AED program. “Organizations that have these devices are better prepared to save a life in the event of a cardiac arrest.”

According to the American Heart Association, fewer than 10 percent of people who experience cardiac arrest survive if they are outside of a hospital. The use of an AED, ideally within three minutes of the episode, can increase those survival chances to 50-70 percent. Community Hospital, in collaboration with the American Heart Association, started its community defibrillator program in 2003 by donating 20 AEDs to organizations throughout the community. Today the AED program, now under Community Hospital’s Tyler Heart Institute, has more than 286 AEDs in 220 organizations throughout Monterey County.

Tyler Heart Institute’s AED program provides equipment at discounted prices, program oversight, maintenance, training, and compliance support when organizations enroll in the program. Nonprofit organizations and schools can apply for partial or complete grants.

To see the SPCA’s AED contest video and to learn more about Community Hospital’s AED program, visit


Caleb, and SPCA dog, enjoys the new
AED station at the SPCA Education Center


Stacy Dubuc (left) Gina Galuppo of the SPCA,
and Deena Haynes (right) of Tyler Heart Institute,
along with Bolt and Caleb, with the new AED
donated by Community Hospital’s Tyler Heart


ABOUT TYLER HEART INSTITUTE Tyler Heart Institute encompasses the full range of cardiac services — heart disease prevention, diagnosis, intervention, and rehabilitation. Established in 2007, Tyler Heart Institute has a highly experienced and committed team of doctors, nurses, and staff, as well as state-of-the-art equipment.

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