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2016 News

Published on October 06, 2016

Montage Health board approves partnering with SVMH in insurance, population health companies


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MONTEREY, Calif. — The Board of Trustees of Montage Health on Thursday approved a partnership with Salinas Valley Memorial Healthcare System (SVMHS) in three Montage Health companies: Aspire Health Plan, Community Health Innovations, and Coastal Management Services.

Both Aspire and CHI boards need to approve the sale before it can close. After approval, Montage Health will retain 51 percent ownership and SVMHS will hold a 49 percent stake.

Montage Health is the parent company of Community Hospital of the Monterey Peninsula, but the agreement involves only the three subsidiaries, not the hospital. Community Hospital and Salinas Valley Memorial Hospital remain separate and are operated by their respective boards.

“While the two hospitals will remain totally independent, this partnership in the subsidiaries supports our strategic goals of making healthcare available and accessible to all Monterey County residents,” says John Mahoney, chair of the Montage Health Board of Trustees. “Together, we will be able to greatly enhance healthcare delivery throughout the county through coordination of care, disease management, and access to electronic health records, with the focus on health and wellness.”

The SVMHS board unanimously approved the partnership on Friday, September 30.

The three companies in the partnership are:

  • Aspire Health Plan
    Aspire Health Plan offers a Medicare Advantage plan, which wraps hospital, doctor, and drug benefits into a single plan. Aspire was founded in 2013 to create a comprehensive Medicare plan geared to local people and their health. (
  • Community Health Innovations
    Community Health Innovations (CHI) is the local leader in population health management, formed to lead the transformation of healthcare in Monterey County from a system focused on “sick care” to one focused on wellness. In partnership with doctors and other providers, CHI focuses on coordination of care, disease management, and promotion of wellness throughout the healthcare continuum. Its mission is to improve health, enhance the patient experience, and lower costs. (
  • Coastal Management Services
    Coastal Management Services provides administrative services including claims processing and member enrollment for self-insured employer groups in and around the Central Coast. It will become part of Aspire. 

The agreement comes just before the start of the national open enrollment period for Medicare Advantage plans, on October 15. A key element of the partnership is the opportunity to bring Aspire Health Plan’s Medicare Advantage to more people throughout Monterey County. A schedule of upcoming seminars on Aspire’s Medicare Advantage plans is online at


Montage Health is the nonprofit parent company of a family of organizations dedicated to improving lives by delivering exceptional care and inspiring the pursuit of optimal health. Through its subsidiaries and its partnerships with doctors and other clinicians, healthcare and community organizations, and, most importantly community members, Montage Health is dedicated to care that is coordinated across all care settings to meet each person’s goals and needs. Montage Health’s family of companies includes Community Hospital of the Monterey Peninsula, Peninsula Primary Care, Montage Wellness Centers, Aspire Health Plan, and Community Health Innovations.

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