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2016 News

Published on February 22, 2016

Montage Health

Montage Health: new name of Community Hospital Foundation

Parent company name is changing, but hospital will keep its name


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MONTEREY, Calif. — For more than 80 years, Community Hospital has served the people of our community, always with the promise that as their healthcare needs changed, we would, too. And since 1981, we’ve done it under the banner of Community Hospital Foundation, the hospital’s nonprofit parent organization. As we enter 2016, keeping our promise takes on an exciting new dimension.

Today, we are announcing the renaming of Community Hospital Foundation to reflect our vision for optimizing the health of those we serve.

Our new name is Montage Health.

“Both the hospital and the foundation have evolved, changed, improved — our vision, our mission, the way we operate,” says Steven Packer, MD, president/CEO. “Today we are a growing family of organizations, each with a key role to play in our broader mission. We provide more services today, both inside and outside the Community Hospital walls, than ever before. We have built services to address the entire continuum of care.”

The core of our organization is, of course, Community Hospital, which will keep its name. Now, the hospital is being integrated into and supported by our larger mission of optimizing the health of our entire community, joining with its sister organizations under the umbrella of Montage Health.

“The name Montage was chosen,” Packer says “because we are a collection, a montage, of entities designed to keep people healthy and connected. Preventive, restorative, palliative, and coordinated care. Many parts operating with a single, shared vision.”

Montage Health, like Community Hospital, is a nonprofit company. The community will begin seeing the Montage name and logo incorporated in different ways throughout the hospital and other Montage Health subsidiaries over the next year. The Montage Health family includes:

Community Hospital of the Monterey Peninsula
An 82-year-old nonprofit community institution, Community Hospital provides care from birth to end-of-life and every stage in between. With 248 beds, 2,100 employees, and nearly 400 medical staff members, Community Hospital is recognized for safe and high-quality care, with special achievement or accreditation in areas including heart, cancer, stroke, perinatal, and diabetes care.

Aspire Health Plan
Aspire Health Plan administers the health plan for Community Hospital’s employees as well as those of other local employers. For seniors, Aspire offers a Medicare Advantage plan --- a one-stop shop combining hospital, doctor, and drug benefits in one plan.

Community Health Innovations
Community Health Innovations (CHI) is the local leader in what’s called population health management, proactively keeping community members healthy by bringing together healthcare providers and resources to coordinate care for the patient. CHI focuses on coordinating care, prevention, and disease management.

Peninsula Primary Care
Founded to address a shortage of doctors in Monterey County, Peninsula Primary Care has more than 30 primary care doctors and specialists providing care at offices in Monterey, Carmel, and Marina. Physician recruitment continues to ensure healthcare access for community residents.

Montage Wellness Centers
With locations in Marina and Salinas, Montage Wellness Centers help people change their lives for the better, and have fun doing it. The centers offer gyms, pools, classes, personal training options, and spa services, and are staffed by certified fitness professionals dedicated to keeping our communities healthy and active. Montage Wellness Centers

“As comprehensive as our services are, we recognize that we cannot achieve our objectives without a number of key partners, including Salinas Valley Memorial Healthcare and Natividad Medical Center,” Packer says. “They are important partners in delivering and reshaping healthcare in our region and we welcome and embrace their collaboration.

“Our medical staff of nearly 400 talented and dedicated doctors is also on this exciting journey with us, as are the more than 400 volunteers who make a difference in the care of those we serve every day.

“And whether it is a pharmacist in our Intensive Care Unit, a physical therapist at one of our wellness centers, a medical assistant at Peninsula Primary Care, or a nurse at Hospice of the Central Coast, all 2,500 members of the Montage team share a single vision: Improving lives through delivering exceptional care and inspiring the pursuit of optimal health.”


Montage Health is the nonprofit parent company of a family of organizations dedicated to improving lives by delivering exceptional care and inspiring the pursuit of optimal health. Through its subsidiaries and its partnerships with doctors and other clinicians, healthcare and community organizations, and, most importantly community members, Montage Health is dedicated to care that is coordinated across all care settings to meet each person’s goals and needs. Montage Health’s family of companies includes Community Hospital of the Monterey Peninsula, Peninsula Primary Care, Montage Wellness Centers, Aspire Health Plan, Community Health Innovations, and Hospice of the Central Coast.

Aspire Health Plan

Montage Wellness Center

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