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Published on August 04, 2017

Montage Health and Hospice Giving Foundation relationship evolves as they reaffirm their commitments to end-of-life care


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Monterey, Calif. — Hospice Giving Foundation and Community Hospital of the Monterey Peninsula have enjoyed a 20-year partnership supporting end-of-life care on the Central Coast. Today begins a new chapter in that relationship, designed to continue their collaboration while extending the depth and reach of local services.

Their partnership began in 1997 when Community Hospital purchased Hospice of the Central Coast and Hospice House. At that time, Hospice Foundation, now Hospice Giving Foundation, was formed to fund end-of-life care throughout the community and to manage an endowment created by the funds from the purchase. The endowment was created to honor donors who made it possible to build Hospice House, now called Westland House, by ensuring that hospice and end-of-life services would continue to be available to area residents. Each year, Hospice of the Central Coast has been among the organizations that have received grants from the Foundation.

In the last two decades, choices for end-of-life care have become more diverse, with growth in programs and services and changes in people’s wishes for care. Restrictions on the original endowment have at times limited how the Foundation and the hospital could support those changes. In response, Dr. Steven Packer, CEO of Community Hospital, and Siobhan Greene, CEO of Hospice Giving Foundation, have been exploring ways to provide and support services, and to be more agile in responding to change. Together, they and their respective boards concluded that funding would be more effective if the two entities divided the original endowment and deployed the funds independently.

“This is a major opportunity to make a long-lasting mark on end-of-life care in our community,” said Greene. “No other communities in our country have a singularly focused foundation supporting end-of-life care; we are very fortunate to have such a resource.  The result of this collaboration with Community Hospital is an exciting gift for families and patients: long-term funding and support for dignified end-of-life care throughout our community.”

“Community Hospital has been meeting increased demand for hospice services, and at the same time, is building a robust program for palliative care, a growing area that serves anyone with a life-limiting or life-threatening illness,” said Packer. “Our changing relationship with Hospice Giving Foundation enables us to more fully support our programs that offer a broad range of end-of-life services.”

Under the new agreement, a portion of the resources that once benefited only Hospice of the Central Coast will be pooled with Hospice Giving Foundation’s other funds, bolstering the impact of the Foundation’s grants to a range of organizations. In addition, a portion of the endowment will be transferred to Montage Health Foundation, the philanthropic arm of Community Hospital’s parent company, Montage Health. Those funds will support expanded end-of-life programs, including hospice, palliative care, transitional care to hospice, and a variety of support for patients and their families by the hospital and related Montage entities.

“While distinctively separate organizations, we share a dedication and commitment to ensuring families and patients experience comfort and dignity at end of life,” Greene said.

Hospice of the Central Coast was founded in 1977 and by 1997, had become a principal hospice care provider in Monterey and San Benito counties. At that time, the organization decided to shift its focus from direct patient care to funding and supporting a broad network of end-of-life care providers; to do so, it formed Hospice Foundation (now Hospice Giving Foundation), a grant-making organization. Hospice of the Central Coast and Hospice House, now known as Westland House, were purchased by Community Hospital of the Monterey Peninsula.

To honor donors who made it possible to build Hospice House in the early 1990s, funds from the sale were used to establish the endowment that is managed by Hospice Giving Foundation. The endowment was designed to provide a portion of the funding for Hospice of the Central Coast and Community Hospital’s other hospice programs. The Foundation also continued to manage and disburse its other endowed funds and board designated funds raised in the community. 

About Community Hospital of the Monterey Peninsula
An 83-year-old community institution, Community Hospital provides care from birth to end-of-life and every stage in between. With 248 beds, 2,100 employees, and more than 400 medical staff members, Community Hospital is recognized for safe and high-quality care. It is part of Montage Health, a family of organizations dedicated to improving lives by delivering exceptional care and inspiring the pursuit of optimal health. Montage Health also includes Montage Medical Group, Montage Health Foundation, Montage Wellness Center, Aspire Health Plan, and Community Health Innovations.

About Hospice Giving Foundation
Hospice Giving Foundation is an independent foundation that raises funds to award grants to a network of agencies providing compassionate end-of-life care for Monterey and San Benito County residents of all ages. This year Hospice Giving Foundation celebrates its 20th anniversary, having awarded grants totaling more than $24 million to local programs.

Hospice Giving Foundation believes living well includes dying peacefully, in comfort, and with dignity. The Foundation encourages innovative approaches to expanding access and improving the quality of end-of-life care in our community and is proud to fund non-profit agencies that uphold these ideals.  Through community education, workshops, and online resources, Hospice Giving Foundation helps families prepare for and access choices for end-of-life care.

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