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Published on June 12, 2017

Montage Health purchases rental housing to help recruit clinicians to area


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Monterey, Calif. — Honoring its commitment to meeting the healthcare needs of our community, Montage Health has purchased two under-construction apartment buildings at 230 Lighthouse Avenue and 255 Foam Street in Monterey. The 32 apartments will provide short-term rental housing to help Montage Health compete for doctors, nurses, and other clinicians.

“We have been facing two big challenges in recruiting for some hard-to-fill positions: Competition from other prospective employers around the country and our expensive real estate market,” said Steven Packer, MD, president/CEO. “Prospective candidates have to balance their desire to work with us with the high cost of housing and limited rental inventory, and, too often, housing has been a deciding factor.

“Having this transitional housing will play an important role in assisting us in recruiting talented people. To provide the healthcare our community wants and deserves, we need to ensure that we continue to have the right people here with the right skills.”

Competition for healthcare providers is intense, with many of the positions difficult to fill, such as specialty nurses, clinical lab scientists, physical therapists, nurse practitioners, and doctors. At any given time, Montage Health is recruiting for about 60 open positions, with nearly 25 percent of them hard-to-fill jobs.

Montage Medical Group (MMG) has been actively recruiting physicians for several years, but our community still faces a shortage. And nearly everyone who has tried to see a doctor in the last few years can probably share stories of delays or difficulty making appointments. The present MMG goal is to go from 42 physicians to 80 by 2021.

That physician recruitment outreach is in addition to other recruitment strategies, including a referral program that rewards employees who provide eligible applicants who eventually get hired in hard-to-fill positions, as well as relocation assistance for those jobs.

Doctors and clinicians who have joined us say they still field contacts from four or five recruiters every day, trying to lure them to other areas.

The properties, anticipated to be ready by the end of the year, will provide short-term rental opportunities for recruited clinicians until they secure permanent housing. The properties include 24, 720-square-foot, 1-bedroom units; 8, 995-square-foot 2-bedroom units; and 7,000 square feet of ground-floor commercial space. The purchase price was $9 million.

Providing housing assistance as a recruitment tool is not uncommon among larger employers trying to recruit employees in competitive fields and is not new for Montage Health.

“We’re growing as an organization,” Packer said, noting that Montage Health is on track to its highest hiring year in the past 14 years.

Montage Health currently has nearly 2,400 people through its subsidiaries: Community Hospital of the Monterey Peninsula, Aspire Health Plan, Montage Medical Group, Community Health Innovations, Montage Health Foundation, and Montage Wellness Centers.

Details of how the apartment rentals will work, including rents to be charged and length of stay, are still being developed, as are plans for the retail space in the buildings. There are no plans to rent the housing to the general public at this time.


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