Sponsored Care Program

Community Hospital provides a financial assistance program for qualified patients who need help paying for services at our facilities that may not be paid for by insurance. We provide care to those who can't afford it not only because that's part of being a community hospital, but also because it's the right thing to do.  

Do you qualify?

Community Hospital uses the federal poverty level (FPL) guidelines to determine who is eligible. The guidelines set the poverty level for the nation based on family size and income, and are used by federal and state programs, including Medi-Cal, to determine eligibility. The FPL is published annually, and this policy is updated by incorporating each subsequent edition.   

To qualify for the Sponsored Care Program:

The patient's family gross income must not exceed 250 percent of the current federal poverty level.

To qualify for the Discount Payment Program:

The patient's family gross income must not exceed 350 percent of the current federal poverty level.   

How much does sponsored care cover?

Sponsored Care covers all or part of a patient's hospital bill. The lowest-income families pay nothing, while others who earn more pay up to 29 percent of their bill.   

Where does the money come from?

The money comes from our patients and our community, a community that has recognized the need to extend medical care to everyone.

The community has provided generous gifts and grants to support those in need through avenues such as the Sherry Cockle Fund for screening mammograms and the Ryan White Fund for HIV/AIDS services. The rest of the funds come from the hospital's operating budget, which is made possible by patients who are able to pay their bills, either themselves or with the help of insurance.

Helping patients get good medical care strengthens the overall health of our community. It also helps Community Hospital meet its mission of caring for all who come through our doors.

Financial assistance policy
Collection policy

If you have questions about the Sponsored Care Program, please call Patient Business Services, at (831) 625-4922, if you have already received services at the hospital, or Social Services, at 622-2722, if you have upcoming services.