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Montage Health and Community Hospital are committed to your health and safety during the pandemic. COVID-19 information and resources

21st Century Cures Act

Additional electronic health information available to patients

As of December 9, 2020, Montage Health will release electronic health information, such as test and radiology studies, to your MyChart account as soon as the results are available. In early 2021, clinical notes including assessments and treatment plans will also be available for you to view. This action is in compliance with the federal government’s 21st Century Cures Act, which promotes the access, exchange, and use of electronic health information. If you have concerns about the health information that appears in your MyChart account, talk with your health care provider.

Many of our patients are already familiar with the benefits of viewing their health information on MyChart. MyChart is a free, secure, and easy way to access your health information and health care providers online. If you do not have a MyChart account, you may register and learn more on our MyChart webpage.

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