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Partners for a healthy community

The following individuals, foundations,and corporations provided support for patient care, community service programs, and building and equipment needs in 2006.


Anonymous (6)
Dr. Boushra Y. Abadir
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Abelmann
Mr. and Mrs. James A. Abernathy
Mr. Bernard Abramson
Mr. Sergio A. Aceves
Mr. S. Ernest Ach
Mr. and Mrs. Lawson Adams
Mrs. Margery Adams
Mr. and Mrs. James E. Agan
Mrs. Chun Aguirre
Dr. and Mrs. Edward J. Ahmann
Mr. and Mrs. John F. Akers
Ms. Janice M. Akre
Mrs. Dorothy Albee
Mr. Robert F. Alden
Dr. Cecily Fitzgerald and
   Dr. Andres Aldrete
Mr. Timothy C. Alexander
Mr. Robert J. Allen
Dr. and Mrs. Robert P. Allen
Dr. and Mrs. Murtadha Al-Marashi
Ms. Norine M. Alto
Sally and Albert J. Alvarez
Mr. and Mrs. Frank C. Amato
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph B. Ameel
American Cancer Society
Amersham Health
Ms. Diane J. Amor
Mr. and Mrs. Alfred J. Amoroso
Ms. Chareonsri Ampolsuk
Mrs. Marianne Andersen
Mr. Donald W. Anderson
Mr. Douglas R. Anderson
Mrs. Esther S. Anderson
Mr. and Mrs. Laurance Anderson
Mr. and Mrs. John A. Andrews, Jr.
Mrs. Gloria Anello
Mr. and Mrs. Morton Angrist
Ms. Tanya Anistratenko
Mrs. Katherine M. Annello
Mr. and Mrs. Felix Anongos
Mr. and Mrs. Steven Antoncich
Mr. and Mrs. Pasquale Antonellis
Mr. and Mrs. Bombardino Antonio
Mr. Dean F. Antonio
Mr. Johnny Apodaca
Mr. Julio A. Arce
Ms. Muriel E. Arends
Mr. and Mrs. John L. Argall
Ms. Sallie Armstrong
Mrs. Rosa Arnaldo
Mr. and Mrs. Ian Arnof
Arrow International
Mr. and Mrs. Donald A. Ashford
Astellas Pharma US, Incorporated
Mr. and Mrs. Genghis Atalima
Athena Diagnostics, Incorporated
Mr. King C. Au
Mr. and Mrs. Harold Auerbach
Ms. Priscilla D. Austin
Mrs. Irene Auth
Aventis Pharmaceuticals, Inc
Mr. and Mrs. William Avila
Mr. and Mrs. Tony P. Ayres
Mr. and Mrs. William Babaian
Mr. Alan C. Baer
Mr. Kenneth D. Bailey
Rev. and Mrs. Dale W. Baker
Ms. Renette Baker
Mr. and Mrs. Harvey P. Balaban
Dr. and Mrs. John N. Baldwin
Mr. and Mrs. Gary Bales
Mr. and Mrs. Ted J. Balestreri
Ms. Rosemary Banta
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Barber
Bariatric Advantage
Mrs. Lois Barker
Ms. Mary E. Barker
Mr. and Mrs. Donald L. Barnes
Ms. Margaret J. Barnes
Mrs. Phillips M. Barnes
Dr. and Mrs. Jeffrey E. Barnum
Mr. Henry G. Baron, Jr.
Mrs. Marion F. Baroni
Mr. and Mrs. Harold Barr
Mr. and Mrs. Luciano Barraza
Ms. Shirley Barrett-Sheridan
Mrs. Ildefonsa Barron
Ms. Charmin L. Barry
Mr. and Mrs. Walter Barry, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Bartlett
Mr. and Mrs. Hugh P. Barton
Mr. and Mrs. David J. Basham, Jr.
Mrs. Geraldine Bassford
Mr. Alvin Baudour, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen D. Bechtel, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Beck
Mr. Adrian A. Beckles
Mrs. Robin Beckman-Jones
Ms. Michelle Bedard
Mr. and Mrs. Richard G. Beidleman
Mr. and Mrs. William J. Belanger
Ms. Juliana A. Belen
Mrs. Jean M. Bell
Dr. and Mrs. Richard W. Bell
Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Beller
Dr. and Mrs. Jan Belza
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Bengard
Mr. and Mrs. David J. Benjamin, III
Dr. and Mrs. Jon Benner
Mr. Keith J. Bennett
Mr. and Mrs. Norman L. Bennett
Ms. Stella A. Bennett
Mr. Frederick Bensch
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Bergerac
Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Berman
Mr. Arnulfo M. Bermudez
Dr. and Mrs. Leon Bernstein
Mr. Glenn E. Berry
Mr. and Mrs. Grant J. Berry
Mr. Leon L. Berryhill
Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Bertero
Ms. Paula Bertolino
Mrs. Laurie MacTavish Best
Mr. and Mrs. Albert J. Bettencourt
Mrs. Roberta B. Bialek
Mr. and Mrs. Georg Bienek
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence R. Bigbee
Mr. and Mrs. Norman Bikales
Mr. Salvador M. Bileci
Ms. Ann V. Bispo
Mrs. Rosemary H. Blackstone
Mr. Carl E. Blaes
Mr. C. Benjamin Blair
Ms. Anne R. Blankenhorn
Mrs. Roxana H. Blanks
Mr. and Mrs. Bobby Blaushild
Mrs. Ferne Blee
Mr. and Mrs. Charles H. Bloom
Mr. and Mrs. Marshall Bloom
Mr. and Mrs. William S. Bloomer
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Bloomfield
Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Boeddiker
Boehringer Ingelheim Pharmaceuticals,
Ms. Carlyn B. Boggan
Mrs. Joyce Boggess
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Bohlander
Ms. Margaret Bohn
Mr. and Mrs. Roger Bolgard
Mr. Velis Bonilla
Mrs. Katherine M. Bonnici
Mrs. Frances Borda
Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Borda
Mr. and Mrs. Dan Borden
Borgman Family Foundation
Mr. William F. Borland
Mrs. Celeste A. Borosky
Mrs. Geraldine Borovilos
Ms. Susan A. Borrego
Mr. and Mrs. Jack R. Borsting
Mr. Frank Bottero
Ms. Louise A. Bouchard
Mr. and Mrs. Donald C. Bowen
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis M. Bowman
Ms. Betty A. Bradford
Ms. Vera H. Ramke Brand
Mr. and Mrs. William Brandwein
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Bremser
Ms. Teri A. Breschini
Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Briscoe
Bristol-Myers Squibb Company
Ms. Marilyn Brookman
Mr. and Mrs. Peter K. Brooks
Mrs. Alice I. Brown
Ms. Brenda N. Brown
Ms. Debra Brown
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Y. Brown
Ms. Ellen M. Brown
Harry Gray Browne, M.D.
Mrs. Beverley L. Brownell
Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Brownlee
Mrs. Iris M. Bruening
Mrs. Janet Bruno
Mr. and Mrs. Theodore J. Bruno
Mr. Peter J. Brusati
Mrs. Barbara Bryan
Mr. Peyton L. Bryan
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Buckley
Dr. and Mrs. Kenneth V. Bullock
Dr. and Mrs. David P. Burke
Mr. John P. Burke
Ms. Madelyn E. Burke
Ms. Phyllis J. Burkey
Mr. and Mrs. Geoffrey R. Burn
Ms. Linda C. Burnhardt
Mr. and Mrs. John R. Burns
Mrs. Nikki Burrows
Ms. Barbara J. Baldock and
   Mr. Phillip N. Butler
Dr. and Mrs. Louis Buzaid
Mr. and Mrs. Robert K. Byers
Ms. Valerie Cabaniss
Rita Cademartori
Giselle Lehning Cadle
California International Airshow
Ms. Loretta L. Callahan
Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Callander
Mr. and Mrs. Milton Callas
Lt. Col. and Mrs. Frank Campos
Mr. and Mrs. Jason J. Campos
Mrs. Marie Z. Canepa
Mrs. Michela Caniglia
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Canning
Mr. Noe M. Cano
Ms. Adelina Caoayan
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Capurro
Mr. Domenico F. Capuzzi
Ms. Kristen L. Carberry
Ms. Maria R. Cardenas
Cardinal Health
Cardiogenesis Corporation
Mr. Joey D. Cardoza
Mr. and Mrs. John W. Carley
Mr. Robert Carlson
Mr. and Mrs. Romeo Carmona
Gen. and Mrs. Michael Carns
Ms. Stacy E. Carr
Ms. Nellie Carrillo
Mr. Gene J. Carroll
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel L. Casas
Ms. Karen A. Casas
Mr. and Mrs. Nelson Case
Mr. and Mrs. Francis H. Casey
Mr. and Mrs. Rufo Caspillan
Mr. Bernardino Castaneda
Mr. Rosendo Castillo
Ms. Kim K. Catalano
Mr. Rico T. Catalig
Ms. Kathleen Catania
Mr. and Mrs. Mariano Catbagan, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Cavallini
Mr. Robert E. Cayce
Ms. Barbara J. Chaffi n
Ms. Sandy Read Chaix
Mr. Samuel Chaleff
Mrs. Kim Challis
Chamisal Tennis Club and Fitness
Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Chandler
Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Chandler
Mr. Paul Chang
Mr. and Mrs. Young Chang
Mr. Charles W. Chapman
Mr. and Mrs. George B. Chapman, Jr.
Dr. and Mrs. Anthony D. Chavis
Ms. Zofi a T. Chciuk
Ms. Linda Chetlin
Mr. Paul Pao-Cheng Chia
Mr. and Mrs. Elio Chiappe
Mrs. Sandra S. Choi
Mr. and Mrs. Harry M. Christensen
Mrs. Mary J. Clapper
Marjorie J. Clark
Dr. Philip B. Clarkson
Mr. and Mrs. Alain Claudel
Mr. Richard H. Cleaves
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Clifford
Mr. and Mrs. Jack R. Clifton
Reb J.H. Close, M.D.
Ms. Beverly D. Clough
Mrs. Geneva A. Clymer
Mr. Hubert Cnudde
Mrs. Carol L. Coates
Mr. and Mrs. James Cochran
Mrs. Lois J. Codd
Lt. Gen. and Mrs. Robert E. Coffin
Ms. Thelma I. Colberg
Mr. and Mrs. James Coleman
Ms. Jayshil C. Coleman
Mr. Eric V. Coley
Mrs. Angie Colletto-Merrill
Maj. and Mrs. Leland G. Collins
Mrs. Sheila M. Collins
Ms. Dominique M. Collins-Millinger
Community Health Partnership, Inc
Community Hospital’s Auxiliary
Community Hospital’s Medical Staff
Mr. Samuel G. Conboy
Mr. and Mrs. David Conklin
Mr. John S. Conklin
Mr. Eugene A. Conley
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas P. Conmy
Mr. Raymond A. Cook
Mrs. Soonja L. Cook
Mr. Jay Cooke, III
Mr. and Mrs. Lowell T. Cooke
Ms. Josephine J. Cooper
Mr. and Mrs. William Corbett
Ms. Leticia N. Coria
Mr. and Mrs. Michael A. Corn
Ms. Francisca Corpus
Mr. and Mrs. Claude J. Cory
Ginger Costa
Mrs. Alice D. Cotich
Mr. and Mrs. George W. Couch, III
Ms. Deborah L. Cox
Lee and Marilyn Cox
Mr. and Mrs. William Cox
Mrs. Odessa Crandell
Mr. and Mrs. Kent Crawford
Ms. Pamela Crean
Mr. and Mrs. John W. Creighton
Mr. and Mrs. Wardner B. Crockett
Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Cruzan
Ms. Antonia C. Cruz-Jimenez
Ms. Alijandra F. Cruz-Tokar
Diana Pavloff Cryan
Mr. Armando G. Cuaderno
Mr. and Mrs. John Cuda
Mr. and Mrs. William H. Cullin
Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Cunanan
Mrs. Jean Cunningham
Col. and Mrs. Robert F. Cunningham
Ms. Alvina L. Currall
Dr. and Mrs. Robert Cushing
Mrs. Margaret E. Custer
Mr. and Mrs. Bert Cutino
Col. and Mrs. Edward W. Cutler
Mr. Ernest P. Daghir
Mrs. Jane Dahlhauser
Ms. Mary Suzanne Dainton
Mrs. Janet T. Dal Bello
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Dalalian
Mr. and Mrs. Richard C. Dalsemer
Mr. and Mrs. Frank P. D’Amato
Ms. Sharon M. Damon
Ms. Dolores Elaine Dannemiller
Ms. Jane Dart
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen M. Dart
Ms. Helen B. Datel
Mrs. Praveen L. Datt
Mr. and Mrs. H. Thomas Daunt
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony G. Davi, Sr.
Mr. Andrew A. Davidson
Mr. and Mrs. Gordon F. Davies
Claire and Jack Davis
Mr. and Mrs. Craig Davis
Mrs. Norma Davis
Mr. and Mrs. Lynn Davis
Mr. and Mrs. Warner L. Davis
Mrs. Diane C. Day
Mrs. Paulette Deaton
Mr. and Mrs. Chad G. DeBeer
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Decker
Mrs. Irene K. DeCosta-Mann
Ms. Mary Louise De Font
Ms. Virginia Deihle
Dr. and Mrs. Eric J. Del Piero
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Del Piero
Mr. Gayl Delacroix
Mr. and Mrs. Hunter L. Delatour, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Delcambre
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Delehunt
Ms. Catalina Delis
Mr. and Mrs. William DeMartini
Zoltan Denes, M.D.
Mr. Frank Deniz
Mrs. Margie L. Denner
Mrs. Mary L. DePaoli
Ms. Erica P. De Rosa
Mr. and Mrs. Fred de Sibert
Mrs. Joyce A. Dettman
Ms. Asha Devi
Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Devine
Benjamin G. W. Dew, M.D.
Ms. Josephine Di Giorgio
Mr. and Mrs. James J. Didion
Ms. Marie V. Diez-Quinton
Digirad Corporation
Ms. Rosie Dimascio
Mrs. Charo S. Dingson
Mr. and Mrs. Cutler Dippell
Mr. and Mrs. James M. Dobbins, Jr.
Ms. Muriel I. Dobry
Ms. Dorothy Dodge
Mr. Douglas Dodge
Mrs. Shirley J. Doe
Ms. Catherine Doherty
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen H. Dolley
Chaplain and Mrs. Steve Doman
Ms. Patricia L. Dombrink
William and Nancy Doolittle
Mr. and Mrs. Edward F. Doran
Mr. and Mrs. Brad Dow
Mr. George A. Dreibelbies
Mrs. Anwar Duensing
Mr. Anthony W. Duffel
Ms. Faith B. Duhring
Ms. Lois E. Duke
Mr. John D. Duncan
Mr. William C. Duncan, III
Mr. Patrick Dundon
Mr. and Mrs. Ron Dunlap
Lt. Col. Phillip L. Dunn
Mr. and Mrs. Richard T. Dunn
Ms. Ruth L. Dunne
Ms. Shannon Dunne-Gamble
Mr. and Mrs. Francis Dykeman
Mr. and Mrs. George W. East
Mrs. Aria D. Eberhardt
Ms. Deborah G. Edwards
Ms. Helen M. Edwards
Mr. and Mrs. Ryan Edwards
Ms. Yvonne L. Edwards
Mrs. Lucille Eggerman
Mr. and Mrs. William Eggleston
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Ehnstrom
Mr. and Mrs. David Ehrenpreis
Mr. Wilbur A. Ehrle
Dr. and Mrs. Mark J. Eitelberg
Rear Adm. and Mrs. John J. Ekelund
Mr. Larry Elarmo
Mr. and Mrs. J. Randolph Elliott
Dr. and Mrs. John Ellison
Mr. and Mrs. Robert K. Elsensohn
Ms. Loretta D. Ely
Mrs. Dorotha “Dottie” Emery
Mr. and Mrs. James C. Emery
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Emmett
Ms. Laurel S. Emsley
Mr. R. Marshall Engelbeck
Ms. Miyoko Enokida
Mr. and Mrs. C. Pardee Erdman
Mr. Eugene J. Erner
Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Ernst, III
Ms. Corazon Espanola
Mr. Edward L. Espanola
Mrs. Ercilia C. Espinosa
Mr. and Mrs. T. Conway Esselstyn
Mr. and Mrs. Ellis G. Estes
Ethicon Endo-Surgery, Incorporated
Mr. Dale Evans
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Evers
Mr. and Mrs. Davis Factor, Jr.
Ms. Mary Helen Fairchild
Mrs. Joseph O. Falkinham, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. David G. Fanucchi
Mr. and Mrs. James D. Farley
Ms. Catherine Mary Farrant
Ms. JoMarie Faulkerson
Mr. and Mrs. Lev Faybyshev
Mr. Neil Fearn
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Feldberg
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Felder
Mr. Pete Felice
Ms. Anna M. Fennimore
Fenton & Keller
Mr. Arthur C. Ferguson
Mr. and Mrs. Jose F. Fernandez
Mr. and Mrs. Bernard J. Ferrara
Mrs. Cheryl A. Fife
Mrs. Marmely M. Figuerres
Dr. and Mrs. Paul File
Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Fincke
Ms. Cathy Findley
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Fingerote
Mrs. Chong O. Fink
First National Bank of Central California
Mr. John W. Fischer
Marjorie Fisher
Mr. and Mrs. Dan F. Fitch
Dr. and Mrs. W. Taylor Fithian, III
Capt. and Mrs. Cyrus F. Fitton
Dr. Cecily Fitzgerald and
   Dr. Andres Aldrete
Dr. Anne R. Fitzpatrick
Ms. Betty Flause
Dr. and Mrs. David R. Flemming
Mr. and Mrs. Dean D. Flippo
Mrs. Eloyse E. Florell
Mr. George G. Flores
Mr. Eric J. Folkins
Food Corner Market
Mr. and Mrs. James Ford
Ms. Jean L. Ford
Ms. Billie Foreman
Forest Pharmaceuticals, Incorporated
Mr. and Mrs. Gary W. Fortman
Mr. and Mrs. Norman Foster
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Fozounmayeh
Mr. and Mrs. Marshall P. Frank
Dr. and Mrs. Jack M. Freeder
Mr. and Mrs. Ray Freschi
Mrs. Marjorie R. Frick
Ms. Marilyn G. Frickleton
Mr. Michael Friday
Ms. Frances Friscia
Mr. Larry F. Frisone
Dr. and Mrs. Ronald C. Fuerstner
Dr. Allen E. Fuhs
Ms. Kimiko E. Fujii
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Fujii
Mr. Edward Fulcher
Mr. and Mrs. J. Stewart Fuller
Mr. and Mrs. Randall C. Fuller
Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Funk
Ms. Mildred Furman
Mr. Matthew Y. Furukawa
Ms. Bernadine G. Gabriele
Mr. and Mrs. John U. Gall
Ms. Connie M. Galmes
Mrs. Anne T. Galvin-McCauley
Mr. and Mrs. Donald P. Gamble
Mr. John D. Gannon, Jr.
Dr. Janet Wall and Lt. Gen. Robert G.
Gard, Jr.
Garden Health & Fitness
Mr. Kenneth A. Gardner
Mrs. Irene C. Garnero
Ms. Theresa Garza
Mrs. Kathleen Gaske
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald L. Gaspary
Dr. and Mrs. Vincent A. Gaudiani
Ms. Theresa E. Gaudoin
Ms. Rebecca A. Gaylord
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Geisler
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Gelb
Barry W. Gendelman, M.D.
Genentech, Incorporated
Mr. Eddie Genovese
Geonetric, LLC
Mr. and Mrs. Charles B. George
Mr. and Mrs. Donald O. Germino
Mr. Mark Geronimos
Mr. and Mrs. Amir H. Gharibian
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Giannetta
Mr. and Mrs. Russell Gifford
Mr. Devian P. Gilbert
Ms. Rheta K. Giles
Sister Jean Gilhuly
Ms. Debra S. Gill
Mr. and Mrs. James L. Gill
Mr. Sterling P. Gilliland
Ms. Melanie P. Gilman
Mr. Franklin L. Gin
Mr. Thomas Glasby
Ms. June P. Glithero
Ms. Veronica Golden
Donald G. Goldman, M.D.
Mr. and Mrs. Orville J. Golub
May Esquerra and Dave Gomez
Ms. Grazyna Gonet
Ms. Dorothy Good
Ms. Mary Goodby
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew D. Goodman
Mr. Bernard Goodman
Doris and Myron Goodwin
Mr. and Mrs. James Gordon
Mr. Kenneth J. Gordon
Ms. Pamela R. Gordon
Mr. and Mrs. William S. Goree
Mr. and Mrs. Harrison G. Gough
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Gough
Mr. and Mrs. Robert D. Grace
Mr. and Mrs. John C. Graham
Ms. Margaret Graham
Ms. Margaret W. Graham
Ms. Norma Graham
Mr. and Mrs. Leon M. Grandcolas
Mr. and Mrs. Bryce P. Graybill
Ms. Kirsten M. Greek
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph K. Green, II
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Greenberg
Mr. and Mrs. Warren Greer
Mrs. Roberta L. Gregory
Mr. and Mrs. Harold Grice
Ms. Lynn Grier
Mr. and Mrs. David S. Griffi n
Mr. Richard S. Griffi th
Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Grigory
Ms. Suzanne M. Grimes
Mr. Raymond A. Groo
Ms. Jane Groscost
Mr. and Mrs. George A. Gross
Mrs. Benjamin Grosvenor
Mr. Frederick W. Grothem
Ms. Rachel Grout
Ms. Melissa A. Hungerbuhler and
   Mr. William Gruhlke
Mr. Ruel S. Guevarra
Mrs. Ann Guffin
Mr. Felipe J. Guillen
Ms. Jodi R. Guinvarch
Mr. and Mrs. Leo J. Gunson
Mr. and Mrs. Howard C. Gustafson
Mrs. Nell Guyette
Mr. and Mrs. John P. Guzik
Mr. Wolfgang Haas
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Haber
Mr. and Mrs. Thorne A. Hacker
Mr. Jim Haden
Mr. and Mrs. Abdo N. Hage
Mr. Kyle L. Hagen
Mr. Grant D. Hale
Mr. Anthony Hall
Ms. Christine D. Hall
Mr. and Mrs. Harlan O. Hall
Ms. Teresa J. Hall
Mr. and Mrs. Yates F. Hallam
Mrs. Judy Haller
Mr. Carlton S. Hamana
Mr. Eddy P. Hamelin
Mrs. Armetta Hamilton
Beverly and Lyman Hamilton
Mrs. Ellen S. Hamilton
Ms. Ruth E. Hamilton
Mr. Howard E. Hamman
Mr. and Mrs. John A. Hammerland
Mr. and Mrs. Richard B. Hammond
Mr. and Mrs. Garon Handley
Mr. Joseph W. Haney
Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Haney
Mr. and Mrs. James A. Hanlon
Ms. Amy Altshuler and
   Dr. Christian L.Hansen
Mrs. Lela M. Hansen
Ms. Peggy A. Hansen
Mr. and Mrs. Linn Hanson
Mrs. Hilda L. Harder
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Hardin
Mr. and Mrs. David W. Harness
Ms. Dessa M. Harper
Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Harrell
Ms. Marilyn J. Harris
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Hart
Mr. and Mrs. George T. Harter
Mr. and Mrs. Philip Hartman
Ms. Ruth Hartmann
Ms. Denise T. Hasegawa
Ms. Alyson G. Hash
Mr. Eigoro Hashimoto
Esther N. Haskins
Ms. Grace Hasselfeldt
Mr. and Mrs. John H. Hastings
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Hathaway
Dr. and Mrs. David J. Hatton
Dr. and Mrs. Edward R. Hatton
Mr. Michael T. Hattori
Ms. Janet Hawley
Mr. Warwick J. Hayes, Jr.
Mrs. Floyd Hays
Mr. Homer M. Hayward
Georgina M. Heal, M.D.
Ms. Marsha L. Hein
Mr. and Mrs. Victor C. Heintzberger
Mr. and Mrs. James Helgason
Mrs. Audrey L. Hellam
Mr. and Mrs. Franklyn Hellam
Mrs. Ruth A. Hellam
Dr. and Mrs. Michael D. Hendrick
Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Hennessy
Mr. and Mrs. Ernesto Heres
Ms. Jeane B. Heres
Ms. Roberta Herzog
Mr. and Mrs. David B. Heyler, Jr.
Mrs. Olga Hickenbottom
Ms. Corinne Hicks
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth L. Hicks
Ms. Joann M. Hidalgo
Mr. and Mrs. Roy Higgins
Mrs. Sally Higgins
Mr. Lowell Hill
Mrs. Christopher J. Hillard
Mr. and Mrs. Roger Hilleary
Mr. James Himonas
Mr. and Mrs. Glen H. Hiner
Mr. Harvey D. Hinman
Mr. and Mrs. Howard M. Hodges
Mr. John C. Hoffman
Ms. Patricia Hoffman
Mr. and Mrs. Joachim Hoffmann
Mrs. Deane H. Hollenbach
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond L. Hollopeter
Mrs. Mary Jane Holmes
Dr. Richard F. Holody
Mrs. Phyllis E. Holtz
Dr. and Mrs. Walter L. Holz, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. James Hommes
Dr. and Mrs. Theodore C. Hooker
Mrs. Christine Hoover
Mr. and Mrs. Laurence P. Horan
Mr. and Mrs. Denis R. Horn
Mrs. Mary H. Horn
Ms. Catherine Owen Horne
Mr. Lyman G. Horton
Hospice Foundation
Mrs. Russell T. Houghton
Mr. Jay F. House
Mr. and Mrs. Rolland M. House
Mr. and Mrs. Charles F. Houy
Mr. John B. Howard
Mr. and Mrs. Richard P. Howell
Deborah Ewan Howitt
Mr. and Mrs. George Howling
Mr. William L. Hoyer
Ms. Nancy Huber
Ms. Elizabeth Hubert
Kip and Jay Hudson
Mr. and Mrs. Otto Huebner
Ms. Heather D. Hufford
Capt. and Mrs. David L. Hughes, Sr.
Mrs. Laura K. Hughes
Ms. Paula J. Hughes
Mrs. Jean E. Hull
Ms. Laurie A. Hunkel
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas H. Hunter
Mr. Samuel J. Huntington
Dr. and Mrs. David T. Huntley
Mr. and Mrs. Curtis Hussey
Mr. and Mrs. George E. Huston
Jeffrey Hyde, M.D.
Mr. and Mrs. William Hyland
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Hyndman
Mrs. Josephine Ihnot
Mr. and Mrs. Tony Incaviglia
Ms. Magdalena T. Ines
Mr. and Mrs. Merv C. Ingram
Ward and Mary Ingrim Fund of the
   Community Foundation for Monterey
Ms. Angie Inlow
Mr. and Mrs. Martin W. Irwin
Ms. Akemi D. Ito
Mr. Nicholas G. Itsines
Ms. Valerie A. Ivers
Mrs. Della Jack
Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Jacobson
Ms. June K. Jaffee
Maj. and Mrs. Bernard G. Jaksha
Mr. Thomas H. Jamison
Dr. and Mrs. Hans W. Jannasch
Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. Jaster
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Jaurique
Mr. Dan S. Jeffers
Mr. and Mrs. Jon R. Jennings
Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Jensen
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph F. Jewett
Mrs. Elisiva P. Jimenez
Mr. and Mrs. Paul L. John
Ms. Marie E. Johns
Mr. and Mrs. Rodney L. Johns
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce R. Johnsen
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Johnsen
Mr. and Mrs. Bob A. Johnson
Ms. Donna Faye Johnson
Mrs. Edwin A. Johnson
Mr. Jeffery D. Johnson
Lt. Col. Lawrence C. Johnson
Ms. Mae C. Johnson
Mr. Marlyn L. Johnson
Mrs. Mary D. Johnson
Mr. and Mrs. Roy C. Johnson
Mr. and Mrs. R. Clint Johnstone, Jr.
Ms. Deanna B. Jones
Ms. Kimberly J. Jones
Mr. Malcolm E. Jones
DeeAnn Thompson and Michael Jones
Mr. and Mrs. Stanley E. Jorgensen
Ruth Jones and Warren Jorgenson
Ms. Pauline J. Jud
Ms. Marcia Juergens
Mr. and Mrs. Alfred W. Jung
Mrs. Kiyoko Kadani
Paul and Florence Kagan
Mrs. Norma Kageyama
Mr. Stephen B. Kahn
Dr. and Mrs. Hisashi Kajikuri
Mr. and Mrs. Fred C. Kampfer
Mr. and Mrs. David Kanyer
Anita and Bill Kaplan
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Kapp
Mr. William S. Kappy
Mr. Anthony T. Karachale
Mr. and Mrs. Geza Karakas
Mrs. Edith Karas
Jim and Betty Kasson
Mr. and Mrs. James Kasson
Mr. and Mrs. Robin Katsuki
Mrs. Tomiko Katsumata
Mr. Matthew J. Kaufmann
Mr. Okusitino O. Kautai
Mr. Saeed M. Kayre
Ms. Lynnette Keany
Ms. Teresa L. Keaton
Mr. and Mrs. James Keesling, Jr.
Dr. and Mrs. Thomas A. Kehl
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Keith
Mr. and Mrs. Charles R. Keller
Rex and Margot Kelley
Ms. Gwendolyn Patricia Kelly
Ms. Virginia M. Kennedy
Mr. and Mrs. Darryl D. Kenyon
Mr. and Mrs. Sherrick Kernoll
Mrs. Lydia L. Kerns
Mrs. Grace S. Kim
King Pharmaceuticals, Incorporated
Mr. and Mrs. William Kinnunen
Mr. and Mrs. Katsumi Kinoshita
Mr. and Mrs. Junki Kitahara
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Kitson
Mr. and Mrs. Henry C. Klaput
Ms. Carolyn Mary Kleefeld
Mr. and Mrs. Mark C. Klein
Mr. and Mrs. David Kleinman
Ms. Renata Klosowicz
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Klotz
Mrs. Margaret Knacke
Mrs. Sue B. Kniss
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A. Koch
Rear Adm. and Mrs. Edward M. Kocher
Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Kodani
Mr. Peter Koestenbaum
Ms. Anne Kofoed-Rosen
Mr. and Mrs. Ezfey Kogan
Mrs. Amalia Kohatsu
Ms. Dorothy Konrad
Mr. and Mrs. Hung S. Koo
Mr. and Mrs. Frederick R. Korf
Ms. Lynn M. Kraft
Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Kraftzeck
Ms. Mary M. Kramer
Mrs. Henryetta Kraus
Mrs. Thaddeus Krecki
Mr. and Mrs. Harold E. Kren
Ms. Doris U. Kretschmer
Mr. Peter J. Krohn
Susan Kubica, M.D.
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Kuchler
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Kuck
Ms. Sally J. Kuhn
Ms. Stephanie Kurteff
Mr. and Mrs. John T. Kurzava
Mr. and Mrs. Jimmie Kuwatani
Kyphon, Incorporated
Mr. and Mrs. Armand L. Labbe
Ms. Amy F. Laboda
Mr. and Mrs. Reynaldo Lacar
Ms. Suzanne La Croix
Ms. Mary A. Laffi n
Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Lafi tte
Ms. Renee L. LaFrance
Mr. Erling Lagerholm
Ms. Carolyn S. Lake
Ms. Savita Lal
Ms. Susie Lalonde
Ms. Lynn B. LaMar
Cmdr. and Mrs. Clarence L. Lambing
Mr. Nino F. Landingin
Mr. and Mrs. William Landreth
Mr. and Mrs. Jim Lange
Mr. and Mrs. Al Lankes
Mrs. Mary A. Lansdowne
Ms. Yolanda Lara
Carol R. Lark, Ph.D.
Mr. and Mrs. Lance Larsen
Ms. Jane S. Lasell
Ms. Hedy Lauter
Mr. and Mrs. Ron J. LaVaun
Ms. Carolyn R. Lavengood
Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Lavengood
Ms. Joy Law
Mrs. Edith M. Leach
Mrs. Katherine R. Leaman
Ms. Marie V. Leary
Mr. William H. Leckie
Mr. and Mrs. Dale R. LeClerc
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Y. Lee
Mrs. Evelyn N. Lee
Mrs. Joanne Lee
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Lee, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth B. Lee
Mrs. Sylvia Lee
Ms. Denise E. Leek
Ms. Deanna K. Leetch
Dr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Lehr
Dr. and Mrs. Gerard M. Lehrer
Mr. Michael Leigh
Dr. and Mrs. Henry A. Leighton
Ms. Maria J. Leith
Mrs. Freda LeNeve
Mr. and Mrs. Eugenio Lepe
Mr. and Mrs. Mike M. Lerda
Mr. Sidney Lester

Mr. and Mrs. David Lewis
Ms. Roswitha Rose Lewis
Dr. and Mrs. William R. Lewis
Mr. Mitchell Liberman
Mr. Fritz J. Liess
Eli Lilly and Company
Mr. Daniel R. Limesand
Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert O.
Mr. James Lindgren
Mrs. Esther Lindsey
Mr. and Mrs. Con Linehan
Ms. Colleen B. Lingenfelter
Ms. Bessie Linvill
Dr. and Mrs. Martin R. Lipp
Mrs. Jeannette Liptac
Mrs. Carolyn Livingston
Mrs. Margarita Llano
Ms. Lucinda Lloyd
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Lockwood
Mr. and Mrs. Gary Logan
Mr. and Mrs. Sam Lomanto
Ms. Sharon Long
Mr. and Mrs. Robert V. Loomis
Ms. Laura J. Loop
Ms. Juliet Lopez
Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Lorenzo
Mr. and Mrs. John L. Love
Mrs. Marjorie P. Love
Mrs. Jean Lovell
Ms. Frances J. Low
Ms. Miriam S. Low
Mr. Thomas B. Lowary
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Lowe
Mr. Joseph A. Lowe, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Lowery
Mr. and Mrs. Edwin R. Lowry
Ms. Gladys Loya
Mr. and Mrs. Sila Lualemana
Ms. Marsha J. Lubow
Mr. and Mrs. Erasimo J. Lucido
Mr. and Mrs. Harold W. Lueders
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Luftig
Mr. Richard A. Lumpkin
Mr. Franklin Lunding
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Lundy
Ms. Diane R. Lunsford
Dr. and Mrs. Michael Lurie
Mrs. Eleanor Hatlo Lusignan
Ms. Rosann Lynn
Ms. Virginia M. Lyon
Mrs. Marilyn V. Mabaet
Mr. Allan A. MacDonald
Mr. and Mrs. Graeme F.
Msgr. Edward MacMahon
Mrs. Marian I. Macrae
Mr. and Mrs. Domingo A. Mafnas
Mrs. Alison W. Maganares
John and Ann Mahoney
Ms. Patricia A. Mahoney
Mr. and Mrs. Majid Mahroom
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Makanani
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph P. Mako
Mr. and Mrs. James E. Maldi
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Malvoso
Mr. Dennis R. Mar
Mr. Norman Mariant
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph A. Mark
Mr. and Mrs. Roger Marks
Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Marotta
Mrs. Anna J. Marshall
Mr. Cambrel B. Marshall
Mrs. Jane S. Marshall
Ms. Ines E. Martin
Mr. and Mrs. Leo E. Martin
Mrs. Martha Martin
Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Martinez
Mr. Rafael Martinez
Mr. and Mrs. Albert Marty
Mr. and Mrs. Carlos V.
Mr. and Mrs. Louis Maske
Mr. Arthur Massaglia
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Masters
Mr. and Mrs. Don Mathews
Mrs. Simone L. Matney
Mrs. Rosemary Matson
Mrs. Edi Matsumoto
Ms. Sigrid Mattheis
Adm. and Mrs. Henry H. Mauz,
Mrs. Anne Marie Mayer
Mrs. Ellena G. Mayer
Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Mayer
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Mayol
Ms. Carmina Mayorga
Ms. Jenny McAdams
Ms. Joanne M. McAlpine
Mr. and Mrs. George A. McAravy
Ms. Kathleen M. McBride
Mrs. Irene McCarthy
Mr. and Mrs. Walter J. McCarthy
Mrs. Elizabeth C. McCartney
Mr. and Mrs. John L. McClish
Mr. Andrew F. McCombs
Ms. Martha K. McCommons
Maj. Gen. and Mrs. Charles M.
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew McCornack
Mr. and Mrs. John B. McCoy
Mrs. Marie McCrary
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E.
Col. and Mrs. John R. McCune
Mrs. Judy W. McCurdy
Ms. Nancy P. McCurdy
Mr. and Mrs. Francis J.
Ms. Karen McDonald
Mrs. Patricia A. McEldowney
Mr. and Mrs. Mike McElroy
Mr. Alton W. McEwen
Ms. Gertrude J. McEwen
Mr. and Mrs. DeWitt H.
Mrs. Anne D. McGowan
Mrs. Barbara L. McGowan
Mrs. Zanita McGuinness
Mrs. Lisa McGuire
Ms. Patricia McKean
Mr. and Mrs. Stan McKee
McKesson Information Solutions,
Mrs. Kathleen McKim
Mrs. Rosemary R. McLaughlin
Mr. and Mrs. Donald McLean
Mr. and Mrs. Michael L.
Col. and Mrs. Druery C. McMillan
Mr. Roy A. McMullan
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel McNamara
Mr. Thomas E. McNamara
The Donald McNeely Family
Ms. Therese McNevin
Mrs. Joan B. McVay
Mr. Joe McVeigh
Mr. and Mrs. Roy B. Meazell
Ms. Beverly Medaglia
Ms. Lynn B. Menashian
Mr. and Mrs. Dan Menke
Mr. and Mrs. Frank H. Mercurio
Mr. and Mrs. John Mercurio
Ms. Judith M. Merritt
Mrs. Virginia Merritt
Ms. Natividad Mesina
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Messenger
Mrs. Marianne H. Metcalf
Mrs. Clifford A. Mettler
Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Meyer
Dr. and Mrs. L. Bruce Meyer
Dr. and Mrs. James Bret
Ms. Roseann Michaels
Ms. Dorothy L. Micheletti
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Michelson
Ms. Ethel B. Middleton
Mr. and Mrs. Eric T. Miller
Mr. Kirk W. Millinger
Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Mills
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Misasi
Mr. and Mrs. James E. Mitchell
Mr. N. Donald Mitchell
Mr. and Mrs. William B. Mitchell
Masako K. Miura, M.D.
Ms. Letittia L. Moana
Mr. and Mrs. Milton Mocettini
Mrs. Mary Moiso
Ms. Alicia Molina
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Mollman
Dr. Dana Kent and Mr. William
Monterey County AIDS Project
Mr. Andy Montoya
Ms. Janet Roberts Mooers
Mrs. Joan E. Moore
Ms. Karen P. Moore
Ms. Linda S. Moorman
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Morales
Mr. and Mrs. Francisco
   J. Moreno
Ms. Joann K. Morey
Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Morgan
Dr. and Mrs. Frank M. Morgan
Mr. Kelly Morgan
Mr. Kile Morgan, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Morgan
Mrs. Olivia R. Morgan
Mr. and Mrs. Philip Morgan
Mr. and Mrs. Richard P.
Mrs. Nancy R. Morris
Ms. Penny Morris
Mr. and Mrs. Richard G. Morris
Mr. and Mrs. William A. Morris
Mrs. Janet W. Morse
Ms. Else K. Morton
Mr. Frank Morton
Mrs. Helen K. Morton
Mr. T. R. Moseley
Ms. Toni Moulaison
Ms. Sheryl Y. Mueller
Mrs. Anita Muhs
Mrs. Ethel M. Mullaly
Mr. and Mrs. William J. Mullen
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony R. Muller
Mrs. Mary E. Muller
Mrs. Dorothea Mumford Horton
Mr. and Mrs. Mel P. Muniz
Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Murphree
Mr. and Mrs. Harry L. Murphy
Mrs. Garnet Murray
Mrs. James G. Murray, Jr.
Ms. Kazue Murray
Ms. Karen L. Nair
Ms. Urmilla Nair
Mr. and Mrs. Gordon R.
Mr. and Mrs. Itsuo Nakasako
Mr. James A. Nance
Ms. Kellie M. Nanez
Mr. and Mrs. Randy Naylor
NCME Holding Corporation
Mr. Ralph Neal
Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Neben
Mrs. Deanna L. Needles
Ms. Gail A. Neff
Miss Viola Neill
Mr. and Mrs. Cary Neiman
Ms. Barbara Nelson
Mr. and Mrs. George Nelson
Mr. Robert O. Nesheim
Dr. and Mrs. Conrad F. Newberry
Mrs. Ruth M. Newman
Laura and Donald Newmark
Mrs. Carol M. Newton
Mr. and Ms. Eric Ng
Mr. and Mrs. Dong H. Nguyen
Dr. and Mrs. Karl Nicholas
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Nichols
Ms. Im Hi Niles
Mr. Ko Nishimura
Dr. and Mrs. Oguchi Nkwocha
Ms. Barbara Noble
Mrs. Garnett A. Noble
Ms. Ruth M. Noble
Ms. Daisy V. Noguera
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Nohr
Ms. Gail Nonella
Mr. John A. Nooyen
Ms. Amanda K. Norbraten
Mr. Joseph Nordmann
Mr. and Mrs. Lowell E.
   Northrop, III
Dr. and Mrs. Henry A. Norum
Ms. Elizabeth C. Norzagaray
Mr. and Mrs. David Novarina
Novartis Pharmaceuticals
Novo Nordisk, Incorporated
Mr. Frank Robert Nunes
Mr. Thomas P. Nunes, Sr.
Mr. Tim R. Nylen
Ms. Barbara N. Ochoa
Ms. Dorothy M. O’Connor
Mr. William Oconnor
Ms. Anne M. Oda
Mrs. Bruna Rita Odello
Dr. and Mrs. William Odom
Sister Carlotta O’Donnell
Mr. and Mrs. Frank O’Dowd
Mr. James Ogata
Mr. and Mrs. Tatsuo Ogisu
Ms. Charleen O’Hern
Mr. and Mrs. D. J. O’Higgins
Mr. and Mrs. John Ohsberg
Ms. Shirley O’Keefe
Mr. and Mrs. Minoru Okumura
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis A. Oliver
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Olivola
Ms. Jeanette M. Olofson
Mrs. Blaire P. Olson
Ms. Frances J. Olson
Mr. and Mrs. William H. Omoto
Ms. Nancy L. Opsata
Mrs. Amber A. O’Rear
Mr. Edward T. Oronos
Mr. Andrew D. Orrick
Mr. Luther Ortiz
Mr. and Mrs. Pedro Osoria
Mr. and Mrs. Fred O’Such
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Ottmar
Mr. Wim A. C. Ouwendijk
Ms. Marianne Owens
Dr. and Mrs. Steven J. Packer
Mr. and Mrs. Rick Paddock
Mr. and Mrs. Erasmo Pagan
Mr. and Mrs. James C. Pagnella
Ms. Krishan K. Pal
Natalie and Nino Palma
Mr. and Mrs. George Palmer
Mrs. Leona G. Palmer
Ms. Peggy E. Palmer
Ms. Regina Palmer
Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Palmer
Mr. and Mrs. Carl D. Panattoni
Mr. and Mrs. John M. Pappas
Dr. and Mrs. Jerry M. Parker
Mr. Norman A. Parris
Ms. Audrey P. Parry
Mrs. Margaret Pasche
Mr. Allan B. Paschke
Mrs. Betty M. Paul
Diana and Douglas Paul
Mrs. Elisa V. Paul
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Paul-Coker
Mrs. Eiko Pavlinchak
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Payton
Ms. Patricia S. Peabody
Mr. and Mrs. Pompeyo M.
Mr. and Mrs. Ron M. Peck
Dr. and Mrs. George H. Penn
Mr. Jeffrey G. Pepper
Ms. Wendy Perea-Cowan
Ms. Aracelia Perez
Mr. and Mrs. Raul L. Perez
Mr. and Mrs. Eliezer Perez-
Mr. Louis L. Perkins
Ms. Heidi L. Perkuhn
Mr. and Mrs. William Perocchi
Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert Perreira
Ms. Kathryn L. Perry
Ms. Adrea L. Peters
Mr. and Mrs. Jack W. Peters
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce W. Petersen
Mr. Merrill Peterson
Ms. Debra Petro
Pfizer, Incorporated
Mrs. Elizabeth V. T. Phan
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond E. Phares
PHFE Management Solutions
Mrs. Margaret S. Philbrook
Philips Medical System North
   America Company
Mrs. Victoria Phillips
Mr. and Mrs. Willard R. Phillips
Ms. Carolyn S. Pierson
Mr. and Mrs. Frank L. Pinney
Dr. and Mrs. Richard A. Pirotte
Mr. and Mrs. Bernard D. Plack
Ms. Carolyn L. Plemons
Plumbers & Steamfitters United
   Association, Local Union 062
Ms. Beverly M. Plummer
Ms. Julia Poduch
Mr. Roy F. Pohlmann
Mr. and Mrs. Warren E. Poitras
Mr. Spiro J. Politis
Mr. and Mrs. H. Kenneth Pond
Mr. and Mrs. William Ponder
Mr. Bobby Joe Poole
Mr. and Mrs. George A. Poole,
Mr. and Mrs. Alf R. Popp
Mr. Ilia G. Poppoff
Mr. and Mrs. Morris Porter
Mrs. Lynn K. Posey
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Potter
Mrs. Barbara S. Potts
Mr. and Mrs. Michael C. Pouls,
George and Tina Powell
Ms. Patricia Powell
Mr. and Mrs. John Powers
Mr. Joseph A. Powers
Ms. Cheryl L. Poynter
Mr. and Mrs. Antonio M. Prado
Mr. and Mrs. Santu Prasad
Mrs. Myong S. Prive
Mr. Richard Puertas, III
Mr. and Mrs. Ross Quattlebaum
Mr. Virgilio Quidileg
Mrs. Jean M. Quinlan
Ms. Billie B. Quinto
Mr. David F. Rabe
Mr. Vladimir Rachmanov
Ms. Dorcas A. Radde
Mrs. Henry J. Ragsdale
Ms. Judith Ann Raible
Mrs. Douglas E. Ramsey
Ms. Betty J. Ranallo
Ms. Judith Randall
Ms. Shontelle D. Randell
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Randle
Ms. Rayn Random
Ms. Morgan Rankin
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Rappa
Mrs. Adele Arnot Rasch
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Rash
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce I. Rauch
Mr. and Mrs. Clive H. Rayne
Mrs. Derek Rayne
Mr. Robert R. Read
Mr. and Mrs. David S. Reade
Mrs. Teresa L. Reclusado
Mr. Marc W. Rede
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Redfern
Dr. and Mrs. Alexander C. Reed
Ms. Audra J. Reed
Mr. and Mrs. Eugene D. Reed
Mr. and Mrs. Sean T. Reeves
Miss Dorothy M. Reid
Ms. Jacqueline McManus and
   Mr. Robert G. Reid
Karen Reinitz
Mr. Paul Rembert
Mrs. Emma V. Ren
Mr. and Mrs. Bob Rench
Mr. and Mrs. William N. Reno
Ms. Daria C. Reyes
Mr. and Mrs. Roger C. Rhoads
Mrs. Lois L. Rianda
Mr. and Mrs. John Richter
Ms. Dorothy A. Riedel
Mr. Donald R. Riehl
Mr. and Mrs. J. Jackson Riggs
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Riggs
Capt. and Mrs. Alexander Rilling
Mr. George Rivas
Mrs. Audrey Rivera
Ms. Cheryle L. Rivera
Mr. and Mrs. Paul B. Robbins
Ms. Carol A. Roberts
Mrs. Mildred Robertson
Mr. John C. Robinette
Ms. Dora L. Robinson
Mr. and Mrs. William A. Robinson
Mr. Bruce H. Robison
John and Marion Robotti
Ms. Jennifer P. Rock
Mrs. Mary J. Rockwell
Mrs. Patricia Rodrigues
Ms. Kimberly R. Rodriguez
Ms. Michele L. Rodriguez
Ms. Lauren M. Rogalsky
Ms. Koslyn L. Rogers
Mr. Hans E. Rogge
Mrs. Shakiba Rohani
Ms. Pablita N. Rojas
Mr. and Mrs. John A. Rokich
Mr. and Mrs. Walter Romig
Mr. and Mrs. Roger Rompel
Mrs. Christina V. Rondez
Mrs. Ann C. Rook
Ms. Elvira F. Rosa
Ms. Joan M. Rosati
Marga Rose, Ph.D.
Ms. Marilyn F. Rose
Mr. and Mrs. Menko Rose
Mr. Jack Rosen
Mr. and Mrs. Lee Rosen
Col. H. Gary Roser
Mrs. Frances Ross-Miltimore
Mr. and Mrs. Philip Roston
Mrs. Nancy B. Roth
Mr. Robert M. Roth
Mrs. Martha C. Rothrock
Mrs. Susan L. Rowland
Mr. Thomas H. Rowland
Mr. Warren T. Royer
Mrs. Pauline Ruhl
Mr. and Mrs. Warren Ruhl
Mr. Paul P. Ruiz
Mr. and Mrs. Carroll L. Ruppert
Ms. Helen Rush
Mr. and Mrs. Alan L. Rushfeldt
Ms. Stephanie W. Ruskell
Ms. Christine E. Russell
Mr. and Mrs. Dana L. Russell
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Russo
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Russo
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Russo
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Russo
Mrs. Virginia P. Ruth
Ms. Patricia S. Rutowski
Mr. and Mrs. Francis D. Ryan
Mr. James P. Ryan
Mr. and Mrs. Glen L. Ryland
Mr. Tawfi k Y. Sabet
Mr. and Mrs. Mehdi Sabety
Mr. Robert E. Sageman
Mr. Salvador J. Saia, Jr.
Mr. Toshiyuki Sakai
Mr. Sam Salerno
Mr. and Mrs. Rosario M. Sales
Mr. and Mrs. Jack R. Salo
Ms. Ervina O. Salzmann
Mr. Lee T. Samore
Mr. James P. Sanders
Mr. and Mrs. Ted Sanford
Mr. and Mrs. Eugene
   San Nicolas
Ms. Daisy V. Santiago
Col. Chester C. Sargent
Mr. and Mrs. Red Sargenti
Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Satterlee
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph W.
Mr. Solosolo Sausi
Mr. and Mrs. Peter E. Savale
Mr. Robert Sayas
Mr. and Mrs. Ron Scaccia
Mr. Joe A. Scandalito
Donald M. Scanlon, M.D.
Mr. and Mrs. Jim A. Scattini
Mr. and Mrs. William M.
   Scearce Schering Corporation
Mr. Otto M. Schiff
Mr. Paul L. Schlosberg
Mr. Warren P. Schmidt
Mr. and Mrs. Saul Schneider
Dr. Norman F. Schneidewind
Ms. Panice V. Schruben
Ms. Susan M. Alnes and
   Mr. Jeffrey L. Schulman
Mrs. Caroline Schultze
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Schuss
Lt. Col. and Mrs. Luther L.
Mr. and Mrs. F. L. Schwoerke
Carlleen and Lary Scott
Mr. Heinrich P. Seizl
Mrs. Nina E. Serrano
Mr. Peter K. Sewald
Pir W. Shah, M.D.
Dr. and Mrs. Emile F. Shaheen
Raymond Shaheen, M.D.
Kathy and Bill Sharpe
Mrs. Mary Morse Shaw
Mr. Richard W. Shea
Mrs. Jane V. Shedlin
Ms. Anna Shelkowsky
Mrs. Elfriede Shelton
Ms. Paula J. Sheltrown
Mr. and Mrs. Robert B. Sheppard
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald G. Sherwin
Mrs. Beverly C. Sherwood
Mr. and Mrs. Dick Shinee}
Mr. and Mrs. Franklin T. Shippen
Ms. Barbara Shirley
Mr. and Mrs. Colin Short
Mrs. Dorothy T. Shudoma
Mrs. Willa Shull
Mrs. Susan E. Sibbald
Mr. Daniel Sibley
Siemens Medical Solutions USA,
Mr. John H. Sievers
Mrs. Rose A. Silva
Ms. Dianna M. Silveira
Mr. Marvin Silverman
Mr. and Mrs. Alan Silvestri
Mr. Matthew Simis
Dr. and Mrs. Benjamin F. Simms
Mr. and Mrs. Ernie Singleton
Mr. and Mrs. Howard Sitton
Ms. Jacquelyn C. Skala
Mr. Martin L. Skerritt
Mr. and Mrs. Howard Skidmore
Ms. Patricia Skinner-Williams
Mr. and Mrs. Sherman Sklar
Mr. and Mrs. George G. Skou
Ms. Christina J. Slager
Ms. Kathryn L. Sliter
Mr. Clyde O. Smith
Chris Campbell and Clyn Smith
Ms. Dixie Smith
Dr. Frank Pye Smith Medical
Fund of Community Foundation
   for Monterey County
Mr. and Mrs. Gordon P. Smith
Mr. Hugh E. Smith
Mrs. Hulet P. Smith
Mr. and Mrs. James D. Smith
Ms. Joy M. Smith
Mr. Malcolm Smith
Mrs. Martha L. Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Paul B. Smith
Mrs. Roberta Smith
Ms. Ruth C. Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Stacy H. Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Todd Smith
Ms. Deborah R. Sober
Ms. Robin D. Soboleski
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew B. Soh
Ms. Justina L. Soliven
Mr. and Mrs. David L.
Mr. and Mrs. Keuaine M.
Mr. and Mrs. Joshua L. Soske
Mr. and Mrs. Clyde F. Soverns
Mr. and Mrs. B. G. Sparks
David D. Spilker, M.D.
Lt. Col. and Mrs. Donald H.
   St. Pierre
Miss Betty Jean Stallings
Mr. Mark I. Starr
Mr. Elmer V. Staude
Mrs. Marion E. Stearns
Dr. Maus W. Stearns, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles G. Steele
Mr. and Mrs. Shelby A. Steele
Ms. Hilda H. Stengard
Mr. and Mrs. Herbert D. Stern
Dr. Martin H. Sternstein
Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Steven
Ms. Jeanne Stevens
Mr. Fredrick A. Stewart
Ms. Lori Stewart
Ms. Marie Stewart-Helms
Ms. Jane A. Stile
Mrs. Ruth H. Stimpson
Mrs. Alice H. Stoessel
Ms. Alberta Stokes
Ms. Virginia Stolorow
Dr. and Mrs. Fred L. Stricker
Mr. and Mrs. Wilbur J. Strohm,
Mrs. Rachel L. Stuhler
Mr. and Ms. John Stypula
Mr. John K. Sudduth
Mr. and Mrs. Edward L. Sughrue
Ms. Maria L. Sulca de Sanchez
Mr. and Mrs. Peter E. Sullivan
Mr. and Mrs. Michael K. Sumida
Mr. and Mrs. Yukio Sumida
Ms. Claudia J. Summers
Mr. John K. Sussenberger
Mr. Jon Sutherland
Mrs. Marianna Swanson
Mrs. Vivian Sweeney
Mr. and Mrs. Alan Sym}
Mr. and Mrs. Alexander L.
Paul and Rebecca Tag
Dr. and Mrs. John Tagg
Mr. David Taggart
Mr. George W. Tainter
Ms. Viki L. Takacs
Takeda Pharmaceuticals
Ms. Rita M. Talbot
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Talbott, Jr.
Bradley Tamler, M.D.
Ms. Julie D. Tanaka
Mr. Bob Tancel
Ms. Audrey Ann Tank
Mrs. Dalia Tannis-Mikell
Mr. Rosario Taormina
TAP Pharmaceutical Products,
Mr. and Mrs. Harris Taylor
Mr. and Mrs. James M. Taylor
Mrs. Meg Taylor
Ms. Penelope A. Taylor
Mr. and Mrs. Philip R. Teal
Mr. John S. Tegtmeier
Mr. Liayas S. Telase
Mr. Daniel Tellep
Terarecon, Incorporated
Mrs. Pamela E. Tette
Mrs. Shirley I. Thackara
Ms. Susan B. Thamer
Mr. and Mrs. John Thibeau
Mrs. Elaine M. Thomas
Mrs. Marilyn H. Thomas
Ms. Wilma C. Thomas
Mr. and Mrs. Alvin A. Thompson
Ms. Margaret S. Thompson
Mrs. Mary J. Thompson
Ms. Niki L. Thompson
Mr. and Mrs. W. Spencer
Dr. and Mrs. Warren C.
Mr. and Mrs. E. J. Thorndike
Dr. and Mrs. David Thorngate
Dr. George & Sam Kih Thorngate
Memorial Fund of the
   Community Foundation for
   Monterey County
Ms. Sherri D. Thornton
Mr. and Mrs. Wendell L.
Mrs. Ruth E. Tiechner
Mrs. Paula L. Timmins
Ms. Rita Titus
Ms. Susan Titus
Mrs. Barbara P. Todd
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Tokubo
Mr. and Mrs. Albert Tomblin, Jr.
Ms. Christina M. Torres
Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Torres
Mr. Margarito S. Torres
Mr. and Mrs. J. Breck Tostevin
Mam and Lloyd Townley
Mrs. Ruth Townsend-Huff
Mr. and Mrs. Knight Travis
Ms. Marion V. Treganza
Mr. Joseph Tresidder
Mr. Andrew B. Tronick
Mr. and Mrs. Sam Trust
Mrs. Marion R. Tucker
Ms. Masiana S. Tulua
Mr. Tevita F. Tulua
Dr. and Mrs. Jim Tunney
Mr. and Mrs. Lev Turkina
Ms. Mary Liebermann and 
   Mr. Michael Turnan
Tyco Healthcare
Mrs. Margaret C. Tyler
Mrs. Ruth Uganiza
Mr. and Mrs. William C. Umeki
Mr. and Mrs. John Upp
Mr. and Mrs. George Y. Uyeda
Mr. and Mrs. Jim S. Uyeda
Mrs. Namiko Uyeda
Mr. and Mrs. Lee L. Vagnini
Mr. Alfonso G. Valdez
Ms. Leticia Valdez
Ms. Maria Valencia
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Valentine
Ms. Denise Valenzuela
Mr. and Mrs. James D. Vance
Mrs. Anne W. Vanderhoof
Mr. and Mrs. Jim Vanderzwaan
Ms. Kelly A. Van Elswyk
Mr. James A. Van Landingham
Mr. and Mrs. E. W. VanNess
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Van Ostrand
Mr. and Mrs. Ken Vantress
Mr. and Mrs. John M. Van
Mrs. Jane Vargas
Mr. and Mrs. Armando A.
Ms. Irene Vasquez
Ms. Susan McClung Vasquez
Ms. Linda N. Vaughan
Ms. Sandra Vazquez
Dr. and Mrs. W. Lane Verlenden
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Vidrio
Mr. and Mrs. William Vienna
Dr. Kathryn Swanson and
   Dr. Mark Vierra
Ms. Stephanie A. Vierra
Mr. and Mrs. Ielome Visesio
Ms. Victoria D. Vititoe
Dr. and Mrs. William C.
Mr. and Mrs. Edward W.
   von Adelung
Mr. Ferdinand R. Vonberg
Mrs. Beverly J. Von Bima
Ms. Christine M. Von Hurfurth
Mrs. Betty F. von Maszynski
Ms. Barbara R. Von Protz
Mr. and Mrs. James G. Vorhes
Mr. Randy Vosti
Ms. Carol L. Vout
Mrs. Kim-Thoa Vu
Mr. and Mrs. Jeptha A. Wade,
Mr. Belan M. Wagner
Mr. and Mrs. Karl Wagner
Mrs. Phyllis I. Wagstaff
Mr. and Mrs. Fredrick A. Walker
Ms. Jeanne Wallace
Mr. William A. Wallace
Dr. and Mrs. James Walter
Ms. Gabrielle A. Walters
Mr. and Mrs. Ronnie Walters
Mr. and Mrs. Lee Warren
Mrs. Elizabeth S. Watson
Ms. Venus M. Watson
Ms. Yaovalak Watson
Mrs. Elizabeth Haywood Watt
Mr. and Mrs. Gordon L. Watts
Ms. Fay Webb
Mr. Forest E. Weber
Capt. and Mrs. James M.
Mr. and Mrs. Lowell Webster
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Weeks
Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Weiss
Mrs. Wendy Ann Wendling
Ms. Nancy L. West
Mrs. Patricia Anne Wetmore
Mrs. Henry J. Wheeler
Ms. Mary Wheeler
Mrs. Clyde G. Whelden
Mr. and Mrs. Francis L. Whisler
Mr. Jack R. White
Jo and George White
Mrs. Suzanne White
David E. Whitlock, M.D.
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth M.
Darnell Whitt II
Mr. and Mrs. West Whittaker
Ms. Joan M. Widmann
Mr. and Mrs. Ronell H. Wight
Mrs. Felice L. Wild
Roxanne and Carroll Wilde
Mr. Asberry Wiley
Mr. and Mrs. George R. Wiley
Ms. Melissa M.
Mr. Conrad S. Wilke
Mr. Jay D. Wilkerson
Mr. and Mrs. Dean M. Willard
Ms. Beverly A. Williams
Chris Williams
Mrs. Dorothy Williams
Mr. and Mrs. George
   W. Williams
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald
   W. Williams
Mrs. Hope D. Williams
Mrs. Josephine H. Williams
Mr. and Mrs. Lytle G. Williams
Mr. and Mrs. Scott K. Williams
Ms. Sheri A. Williams
Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Williamson,
Ms. Nancy L. Willingham
Mr. Bill Wilson
Julia and Horace Wilson Family
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Wilson
Mr. Robert C. Winchell
Col. Ray H. Winsted
Mr. William M. Winterrowd
Ms. Nancy Winters
Mr. and Mrs. Bertram
   Witham, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. William Wong
Mr. Carl J. Wood
Mrs. Florence Woodman
Mr. and Mrs. Kirk A. Worley
Mrs. Gerda Wright
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Wright
Ms. Nella L. Wright
Mr. and Mrs. Samuel L. Wright
Ms. Susan A. Wright
Mrs. Kathy M. Wuori
Ms. Mary Wurth
Dr. and Mrs. Alfred Yager
Mr. and Mrs. Terry K. Yamamoto
Dr. and Mrs. Max Yeaman
Mrs. Frances K. Yee
Dr. Frank A. Yett
Mr. and Mrs. Takashi Yokota
Mr. and Mrs. Charles T. Yoshioka
Mr. and Mrs. Graham J. Yost
Young Ladies Institute, Our
   Lady of  Bethlehem
Mr. Ian W. Young
Ms. Margaret Young
Ms. Mary E. Young
Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Young
Ms. Patricia Yurus
Ms. Leigh A. Zacarias
Mr. and Mrs. Ernest F. Zanetta
Mrs. Fred M. Zeder
Mrs. Adrienne Zekos
Mrs. Marsha McMahan Zelus
Ms. Paula Black and
   Ms. Laura Zehm
Mr. Zhong Zhang
Dr. and Mrs. William E.
Mr. Darryl Zimmerman
Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Zoller
Mr. and Mrs. Robert D. Zucker
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Zwinge

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