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Got sleep?

If you’re feeling sleepy as you read this, you’re not alone. An estimated 40 percent of adult Americans have at least occasional trouble sleeping, according to the National Sleep Foundation. An estimated 10–15 percent of adults have severe or chronic insomnia, which can lead to depression. And even a plain, old lack of sleep can interfere with your social life, job performance, and driving.

Getting some much-needed shuteye, it seems, can be hugely important. And we seem to be aware of that.  In our quest for slumber, we diligently go in search of solutions, everything from sleeping pills to white noise to bedtime routines.

We’re here to help. We’ll address getting a good night’s sleep in this issue of Pulse. We have interviews with sleep specialists from our Sleep Disorders Center. We have information that can help you decide if your lack of sleep is serious. And we have tips for achieving a better bedtime.

This issue also features a follow-up interview with Lance Scimeca, who chronicled his journey through bariatric surgery in our Spring 2006 edition of the magazine. And, finally, we’ll introduce you to Community Hospital’s new affiliation with Women’s HeartAdvantage™, a nationwide campaign designed to help fight the number-one killer of women.

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