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Trying Teens

Most everyone - especially parents - has heard of the "terrible twos," but there doesn't seem to be an equivalent name for the eventful years of adolescence. Perhaps it could be the "trying teens," a label that reflects the challenges faced by youths themselves, as well as those around them.

This pre-adult period is filled with excitement and adventure, and enormous change. Kids are packing an incredible amount of physical, mental, and even moral growth into a few short years. They're also being scheduled like never before, from band to sports to volunteering. And it's all happening during a technological evolution in the way we communicate and keep in touch. In this issue of Pulse, we offer some insights into the teen years and some strategies for survival and success.

We're also focusing on philanthropy by spotlighting a successful program that raises money to fight leukemia and lymphoma, and paying tribute to Community Hospital's many generous donors from 2007.

Finally, we want to tell you about our latest weapon in the battle against breast cancer: breast biopsies guided by magnetic resonance imaging, or MRI.
We hope you enjoy this issue and we welcome your comments.

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