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Giving to Community Hospital

Motivation comes in many forms

Philanthropic contributions are crucial to Community Hospital’s health. They help pay for patients who can’t pay their own way, for new technology to diagnose diseases earlier and treat them more effectively, and for the overall environment, designed specifically to promote healing.

Who gives? Patients pleased with their care. Neighbors who want to invest in the community’s well-being. Staff members who believe in Community Hospital’s mission. Here we will spotlight a few specific donors and thank all the rest through our annual honor roll of contributors for 2008.


This society was created to honor, recognize, and encourage life income gifts and bequests to Community Hospital. Planned gifts represent a substantial resource to ensure a long-term, stable financial future for your community hospital.

Anonymous (3)
Estate of Lillian W. Adams
Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Allan, Jr.
Mrs. Mildred T. Annand
Antone Ara Bia Trust
Dr. and Mrs. John N. Baldwin
Mrs. Violet Baldwin†
Mrs. Betty P. Bass
Mr. and Mrs. John B. Bergin
Mr. and Mrs. A.E. Bernardin
Estate of Margaret G. Blackburn
Mr. and Mrs. Charles H. Bloom
Mrs. Bobbie Bockes
Mrs. Rosalie Bonsignore-Wampler
Mr. William F. Borland
Estate of Ingeborg Borovicka
Evella M. Brandon Living Trust
Dr. and Mrs. John H. Brazinsky
The Brennan Family Trust
Mr. and Mrs. Norman W. Calkins
Mrs. Jeanne Canel
Mrs. Roberta S. Chappell
Dr. Kyung Cho and Mrs. Yoshiko† Chung
Ralph D. and Joyce R. Clark Trust
Estate of Russell M. Comrie
Margaret E. Costa Trust
Mrs. Lilli Cothran
Crawford Family Trust
Mr. and Mrs. Leland E. Dake
Marie M. Darby Trust
Mrs. Marcia Gluck Davenport
Mrs. Virginia M. Davis
Judith E. Derrick
Mrs. Peggy T. Diehl
Martha and Stephen Dolley
Mrs. Margaret B. Donat
Estate of Sarah Elizabeth Dyer
Francis C. and Marie E. Dykeman
The Eriksson Trust
Mr. T. Conway Esselstyn†
Mr. Robert H. Evans†
Mrs. Gloria Fenton
Lewis L. Fenton Trust
Fran Friscia
Dr. and Mrs. Charles Gallup, Sr.
Kenneth A. Gardner
Gelin Charitable Remainder Unitrust
Mr. Jack Godkin
Estate of Bernice Gold
Estate of Charles Donald Graef
Estate of Rose Mary Graham
Olive K. Greenwald Trust
Mr. and Mrs. H. James Griggs
Dorothy Webster Guy Trust
Dolores P. Hagey
Marie Philips Hamilton Trust
Estate of Howard Hamman
Trust of Celia Ellen Harris
Esther N. Haskins
Mrs. Ruth Mary Heath
Estate of Stephanie and Joseph Henelt
Mrs. Peggy H. Hicks
Mrs. Marjorie Higgins
Dr. Daniel and Lora Hightower
Hill Family Trust
Ms. Anna Hoffman
Jean G. Holt Trust
Jay and Kip Hudson
H. H. Hughson Trust
Mrs. Alwine Hume
Mr. and Mrs. William Hyland
Harold J. Jacobs Trust
L. M. Jacobs Trust
Estate of Marilyn J. Jones
Mr. and Mrs. Stanley E. Jorgensen
Mrs. Josephine Kale
Lois A. Kord Trust
Edward L. Kowal Trust
Phyllis and Lawrence Krause
Mr. and Mrs. Harold E. Kren
Mr. Erling Lagerholm
Mr. and Mrs. Richard LaSalle
Mrs. Eleanor Leheney
Dr. and Mrs. William R. Lewis
Alan C. Lisser Family Charitable Remainder Trust
Mrs. Marjorie P. Love
The Luckett Trust
Mrs. Eleanor Hatlo Lusignan
Patricia McGee Maino
Mrs. Dorothy V. Manor†
Mr. Richard F. Marcus†
Horace S. Mazet Trust
Mr. and Mrs. T. D. McCloud
Mr. Joseph M. McDevitt
Mr. William G. Mennen
Dr. and Mrs. George E. Miller, Jr.
The Mary V. and George E. Miller, Jr. Charitable Remainder Trust
Estate of Norman W. Miller
Estate of Sara E. Mitchell
Bethene M. Moore Trust
The Jo Mora Trust
Ms. Mary Jean Nieman
Mrs. Virginia Northcote
Estate of Charles E. Norton
Andrew Downey Orrick†
Miller and Evelyn Outcalt Trust
Mr. Wim A. C. Ouwendijk
Lt. Col. USA Ret. Elliott G. Parker
Estate of Frederika C. Phelps
Dr. and Mrs. Richard A. Pirotte
Dr. Martin A. Platsko
Estate of Alicia M. Powell
Mrs. E. Gordon Pratt
Col. and Mrs. J. L. Ramos
Mr. and Mrs. William N. Reno
Dr. and Mrs. John E. Rhodenbaugh *
John† and Marion Robotti
Jerry and Sue Rockwood
Mrs. Joy Rosales
Mr. and Mrs. Lee Rosen
Mrs. Nancy B. Roth
Mrs. Gloria M. Russell
Mrs. Barbara J. Saunders
Younghe Oak and Ken Schachter
Dr. Henry Schiffman
The Schraft Family Charitable Remainder Annuity Trust
Mr. and Mrs. Robert B. Sheppard
Mr. and Mrs. William G. Shreve
Marion E. Stearns Estate
Ms. Hilda H. Stengard
June Duran Stock
Estate of Eleanor E. Strand
Dr. Charles and Mrs. Carol Sweet
Estate of Franklin Pierce Thacker
Tharp Family Trust
Charles F. Thomas Trust
Mrs. Carla A. Thompson
E. J. and Elizabeth Thorndike
E. T. “Tom” and Addie M.† Thornton
Florence and Tom† Tonkin
Estate of Mary C. Toole
Kathleen Kinsler Trattner Trust
Susanne S. and William H. Tyler
Mrs. Betty F. von Maszynski
Mrs. Elizabeth Haywood Watt
Mr. and Mrs. Wilhelm Weber
Helen Geis Westland
Mr. John Weston
Alfred W. Wheldon Trust
Mr. and Mrs. Kim Wigton
Roxanne and Carroll Wilde
Melvin Young and Verda Rae Living Trust
Ms. Madelon H. Zimner

† Deceased in 2008 * New member in 2008


The following friends have achieved remarkable levels of generosity over the years, contributing more than $120 million to our community’s healthcare needs.

$5,000,000 OR MORE
Maurine Church Coburn Charitable Trust
Community Hospital’s Auxiliary
Hospice Foundation
Mr. S. F. B. Morse
Susanne S. and William H. Tyler

$1,000,000 - $4,999,999
Estate of Lillian Adams
Estate of Sadie Adriani
Estate of Nancy Barkalow
Estate of Marybelle Barton
Mr. and Mrs. Al Bernardin
Bertie Bialek Elliott
Estate of Kathryn Boulter
Estate of Dorothy and Henton Brenan
Mrs. Maurine Church Coburn
Mr. and Mrs. Luis P. Echenique
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Fahrney
Estate of Marie and Earl Foor
Estate of Frank Groves
Estate of Elizabeth Harrington
Estate of Stephanie and Joseph Henelt
Ann and Michael Lyon
Mr. John McCone
McCone Foundation
Capt. Walter S. McCreery
Monterey Peninsula Foundation
Montgomery Street Foundation
Estate of Georgia Moradian
Marion and John Robotti
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Roth
Mr. and Mrs. Wilhelm Weber
Mrs. Helen Woodard

$500,000 - $999,999
Mrs. Mary Alter
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen D. Bechtel, Jr.
S. D. Bechtel, Jr. Foundation
Isabel Blythe
Kathleen Blythe
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Bonner
Estate of Ingeborg Borovicka
Estate of Evella Brandon
The Dunspaugh-Dalton Foundation, Incorporated
Mr. Donald Elrod
Mrs. Herbert Fredrichs
Estate of Bernice Gold
Estate of Olive Greenwald
Estate of Elizabeth Gregersen
Estate of Alborg Herud
Estate of Alice Jacobs
Mrs. Mary B. Kirsopp
Mr. Lloyd L. Mills
Estate of Margaret L. Musser
Estate of Giovanna D. Nelson
Estate of Evelyn and Miller Outcalt
Estate of Edna Parratt
Estate of Alice and Harry Pearce
Estate of Lt. Col. Frank Rogers
Dr. and Mrs. Peter B. Salamon
Mrs. Frances Shaffi
Estate of Elizabeth Stats
Estate of Kathleen Trattner
Estate of Alfred W. Wheldon
Estate of Doris M. Wright

$100,000 - $499,999
Estate of Robert C. Aitkenhead
Estate of Margaret Albertson
Mrs. Andrea Arnof
Mr. Ian Arnof
Arnof Family Foundation
Estate of Maryanne Auerbach
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Barkelew
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Baskin
Mrs. Betty P. Bass
Mr. Clarke W. Bearden
Estate of Rita Behal
Mr. and Mrs. David J. Benjamin, III
Mr. Hilton Bialek
Estate of Helen M. Bird
Mr. and Mrs. Charles H. Bloom
The Borgman Family Foundation
The California Endowment
Mr. and Mrs. Norman W. Calkins
Estate of George O. Carlson
Mr. Leonard Carpenter
Mr. and Mrs. Alger Chaney
Mr. and Mrs. Cyril Chappellet
Mr. Earle M. Chiles
Chiles Foundation
Mrs. Winifred Channing Chrisman
Estate of Joyce and Ralph Clark
Mrs. Bob Clinton
Nancy and William Doolittle
Estate of Sarah Dyer
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Ehrman
Estate of Esther Eklund
Estate of Irma and Harry Eriksson
Mr. and Mrs. John E. Evans
Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. Evans
Mr. and Mrs. Davis Factor, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Walter Farrell
Estate of Kathryn M. Gardner
Lawrence M. Gelb Foundation, Incorporated
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Gelb
Estate of Anne Girard
Estate of Cecilia B. Graham
Estate of Rose Mary Graham
Juli and David Grainger
The Grainger Foundation, Incorporated
Greeley Publishing
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Grenier
Mr. and Mrs. H. James Griggs
Estate of Dorothy W. Guy
Mr. and Mrs. Edgar Haber
Mrs. Dolores P. Hagey
Beverly and Lyman Hamilton
Estate of Marie L. Hamilton
Estate of Genemarie Hammonds
Estate of Marguerite C. Haughton
Mr. Homer M. Hayward
The Healing Center of the
Monterey Peninsula
Estate of Rudy Heinz
Estate of Laurena M. Heple
Mrs. Sarah Thurmond Hermann
Mr. Louis W. Hill, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Hopkins
Estate of James Hughes
Mr. Howard H. Hughson
Estate of Doris G. Hunt
Mrs. Lise Jensen
Mr. and Mrs. Darrell Kale
Ms. Carolyn Mary Kleefeld
Estate of Lois Kord
Estate of Stanley H. Kord
Estate of Sarah Lang
Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Larsen
Mr. Gordon L. Lawry
Mr. and Mrs. Victor LoBue
Hing J. and Chow K. Lom Charitable Trust
Mrs. Theiline M. McCone
Mr. Carroll M. McKee
Mr. Robert O. McMahan
The Donald McNeely Family
Mr. and Mrs. William Mennen
The Mennen Company
Dr. and Mrs. George E. Miller, Jr.
Mrs. Mary V. Miller
Estate of Norman W. Miller
Estate of Sara E. Mitchell
Monterey County AIDS Project
Mrs. Anita Muhs
Fred R. Muhs Family Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Milton Mumford
Mrs. Eileen F. Murray
Margaret L. Musser Fund of the Community Foundation for
Monterey County
Northwest Area Foundation
Estate of Barbara Nugent
Estate of Elizabeth O’Connor
Mr. Carl R. Otto
John F. Otto, Incorporated
Estate of Patricia D. Peer
Pfizer, Incorporated
PHFE Management Solutions
Dr. and Mrs. Richard A. Pirotte
Estate of Carita S. Pope
Estate of William J. Ramsay
Mrs. Douglas E. Ramsey
Mr. and Mrs. William N. Reno
Estate of Permelia M. Roeber
Estate of Dana Rood, Jr.
Estate of Elizabeth Rood
Mrs. Carolyn Samson
Carolyn and Joseph Samson Philanthropic Fund of the Jewish Community Endowment Fund
Estate of Dorothy and Robert Schraft
Estate of Dorothy Scott
Estate of Stanley H. Shaw
Estate of Inez I. Sladowski
Dr. and Mrs. Bob Smith
Dr. Bob and Jean Smith Foundation
Estate of Julia Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Lyle Smith
Dr. C. Arthur Spaulding
Robert and Virginia Stanton Endowment Fund of the Community Foundation for Monterey County
Estate of Marion E. Stearns
Marshall Steel, Sr. Fund of the Community Foundation for Monterey County
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Stewart
Mr. Walter E. Stewart
Mr. and Mrs. Lars Svendsgaard
Mrs. Audrey S. Talbott
Ms. Harriet Thurmond
Mr. and Mrs. Peter V. Ueberroth
The Ueberroth Family Foundation
Estate of Nathalie H. Utley
Variety Clubs International
Mr. and Mrs. Howard Waner
Miss Ada Elizabeth Welty
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Whitehead
Estate of Jean Wilder
Mr. and Mrs. Horace Wilson
Estate of Blanche Wyatt
Mr. and Mrs. George Yates
Mrs. Mary Anita O’Brien Zumach

$50,000 - $99,999

Action Council of Monterey County
Estate of Violet T. Appert
Estate of Antone Ara Bia
Velma and Ted Balestreri
Bamberger-Allen Foundation
Banbury Fund
Mrs. Mary O. Barkelew
Mr. Howard P. Barker, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Walter Barry, Jr.
Mrs. Clarke W. Bearden
Mrs. Audria Bedell
Mrs. Rosemary H. Benning
Edwina F. Bent and Gordon Kauhanen
Mr. and Mrs. John B. Bergin
Mr. Stuart Berman
Mr. David Bernolfo
Ms. Marie Bernolfo
Dr. Remsen D. Bird
Estate of Andrew B. Blomquist, Jr.
Blue Cross of California — Community Clinics Fund
Mary Wolf Rolfing Bogue Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Verle Bogue
Estate of Charles W. Bramhall, Jr.
Estate of James M. Brittain
Mr. and Mrs. William Brodsley
Estate of Estelle M. Buckley
Mr. and Mrs. Roger Canel
Cannery Row Company
Estate of Arthur S. Carruthers
Mrs. Eleanor M. Chayne
The PDG Gloria M. & First Dude
Bobby J. Clinton Donor Advised Fund
of the Rotary Foundation
Estate of Margaret A. Cornelious
Mr. and Mrs. George D. Covell, Jr.
Marilyn and Lee Cox
Mr. and Mrs. Bert Cutino
Estate of Marie Darby
Mrs. Jane Dart
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen M. Dart
Mr. Alan W. Davis
Estate of Alice and Joel Dickie
Dickie Family Trust
Mr. and Mrs. James J. Didion
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Dorn
Mr. and Mrs. Ron Dunlap
Mr. and Mrs. Clint Eastwood
Estate of Ada V. Edwards
Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Ernst, III
Mr. and Mrs. Howard M. Evans
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Ewen
Estate of Donald C. Faber
Mr. and Mrs. James D. Farley
Mr. and Mrs. Jack V. Feather
Mr. and Mrs. Vaughn G. Feather
Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Firestone
Mrs. Elizabeth M. Friedenthal
Dr. and Mrs. Vincent A. Gaudiani
Etate of Sharile M. Gellner
Mrs. Hester H. Griffin
Estate of Leon E. Groth
Edgar and Terry Haber Fund of the Community Foundation for
Monterey County
Estate of Madeline and Charles Hampton
Bill Hannon Foundation
Mrs. Nancy E. Hayward
Mrs. Elizabeth U. Heard
Estate of Joyce Herman
Mr. and Mrs. Roy Higgins
Estate of Russell M. Comrie
Estate of Jeane Cooke
Mr. and Mrs. George W. Couch, III
Bing Crosby Youth Fund
Mrs. Charlotte I. Cruickshank
Estate of Kenneth M. Davidson
Mrs. Virginia M. Davis
Estate of Constance Dick
Mr. and Mrs. James M. Dobbins, Jr.
Dobbins Family Foundation
Mrs. Cortlandt T. Hill
Dr. and Mrs. David R. Holley
Estate of Jennie May Hooker
Dr. and Mrs. Theodore Hooker
Kip and Jay Hudson
Mr. and Mrs. William Hyland
The Ann Jackson Family Foundation
Estate of Col. Harold J. Jacobs
Estate of Albert N. Jensen
Mr. and Mrs. R. Clint Johnstone, Jr.
Florence and Paul Kagan
Dr. and Mrs. Hisashi Kajikuri
Betty and Jim Kasson
Honorable Lorraine Kendall
Kirsopp Foundation
Mr. Clayton C. Larson
Mrs. Sharon J. Larson
Mr. and Mrs. Howard H. Leach
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Lee, Jr.
Estate of Alan C. Lisser
Mr. and Mrs. John L. Love
Ann and John Mahoney
Manitou Fund
Dr. and Mrs. Arnold Manor
Mrs. Mary H. Marble
Estate of Mark S. Massel
Mr. and Mrs. George Mayer
Estate of Elizabeth C. McBride
Mr. Frank McDowell
Mr. and Mrs. Mike McElroy
McElroy Family Charity Fund of the Advisor Charitable Gift Fund
Estate of Donald Harvey McGilvra
Ms. Molly McKenzie
The McKenzie Foundation, Incorporated
Estate of Irma L. McKever
Mrs. Catherine L. McMahan
Mrs. Marjorie McNeely
Monterey Bay Emergency Physicians
Monterey County Ryan White Consortium
Edwin E. and Ruby C. Morgan Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Howard Morgens
Mrs. Helen K. Morton
Estate of Lorene Mowbray
Mr. Fred R. Muhs
Mr. Robert E. Murphy
Mr. James G. Murray, Jr.
Murray Fund of the Community Foundation for the Monterey County
Estate of Arnold Oehler
Mr. David Packard
Dr. and Mrs. Steven J. Packer
Mrs. Stephanie D. Paillard
Mr. and Mrs. Carl D. Panattoni
Mr. and Mrs. John Peoples
Estate of Frederika C. Phelps
Estate of Elva C. Phillips
Dr. and Mrs. Martin Platsko
The Martin and Lillian Platsko Trust
Estate of Alicia M. Powell
Dr. Douglas E. Ramsey
Mr. and Mrs. George Records
Mrs. Marybeth D. Sargent
Estate of C. Verne Scoggins
Barnet Segal Charitable Trust
Shenandoah Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Hulet Smith
Mr. Frank S. Souchak
Sports Car Racing Association of the Monterey Peninsula
Mrs. June C. Stock
Mrs. Katherine Swim
Mr. Robert S. Talbott, Jr.
Robert Talbott, Incorporated
Estate of Dr. Herbert M. Tolfree
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Tonkin
The Upjohn California Fund
Mr. and Mrs. James Vorhes
T. B. Walker Foundation
Dr. and Mrs. Patrick Welton
Mr. William G. West
Estate of Helen Westland
Mrs. Cynthia Towne Wheary
Dr. Darnell M. Whitt II
Estate of Andrew C. Wiemann
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Wilson
Thomas and Karen Wilson Foundation

View the complete list of our donors: 2008 Annual Giving Donor List

The honor roll is composed of donors who supported Community Hospital in 2008. Inevitably with such a list, an occasional oversight occurs. If your name has been omitted or there is an error in the listing, we apologize and ask that you notify the Development office, Community Hospital Foundation, 1000 Munras Avenue, Monterey, CA 93940, or call (831) 625-4506.

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