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Honoring Donors - Artfully

Donor Wall

From construction projects to new technology, artwork to community outreach, donors play vital roles in countless facets of Community Hospital of the Monterey Peninsula. To thank and recognize these generous supporters, a "donor wall" - a one-of-a-kind art glass mural - has been created and installed in Community Hospital's Fountain Court.

Designed by Christina Amri of Amri Studio in Santa Rosa, the 10-foot-high, 18-foot-long wall of carved and etched glass reflects the vision and inspiration of its honorees as well as the spectacular beauty of life on the peninsula.

"Our intent," says Amri, "was to create a beautiful, welcoming message to all who come to the hospital. We wanted them to see the names of members of their community who are saying, ‘We support you.' There is something wonderful about making sure you leave something behind, planting seeds for trees you may never see reach their full height."

The mural is a multi-layered marvel that blends abstract imagery with natural forms.

Donor wall detail

"DNA is represented in an artistic version of scientific diagrams and sequences," Amri says. "These floating bars morph into patterns of light dappling an expanse of sunlit waters. The imagery implies the passing of gifts from one generation to another - from past generous community leaders to future leaders and beneficiaries." On the left of the mural, an egret breaks free in flight, symbolizing Community Hospital's role as an agent of change and leadership. A quotation from poet Robinson Jeffers ties in with the bird's spreading wings: Lend me the stone strength of the past and I will lend you the wings of the future, for I have them.

Other quotations are carved and accented with gold leaf across the polished crystal panels. Between the carved glass layer and the colorful back wall depicting the blue waters of Monterey Bay are the names of many generous donors. They are screen-printed onto clear acrylic panels that can easily be removed so new donors' names can be added.

An illumination system shifts the lighting in a subtle 4-minute cycle, from the pinks and yellows of sunrise through the brighter light of day to the turquoise and cobalt blue of sunset. The layering, lighting, and images combine to create a feeling of infinity.

The donor wall itself is a gift from a Community Hospital supporter who wished to remain anonymous. Albert Alvarez, chief development officer of Community Hospital Foundation, says that like the other pieces of art throughout the hospital, it contributes to the healing environment.

"Community Hospital is a healing place and it takes the people in our community to make that happen," Alvarez says. "This wall links together many of their names, resulting in an artful and meaningful display."

Amri worked closely on the design with her team, including Arlene Rhoden, studio graphic designer, and on planning the installation with Fred Bensch, director of Facilities Planning at Community Hospital. The piece is an integral part of a major renovation of the Fountain Court, the hospital's central public area.

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