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Patti McAleer: Nurse of the year

It’s hard to imagine Patti McAleer without Community Hospital and Community Hospital without Patti McAleer. She was born at the hospital and has worked there for 25 years, following in the footsteps of her mother, Patti Womble, a Community Hospital nurse for 30 years.

Patti McAleerPatti McAleer, Nurse of the year

Patti McAleer can’t remember exactly what it was that led her into nursing; it was more like an understanding, something that had been with her always. And it’s been an excellent fit: She was named 2010 Nurse of the Year.

“This honor took me completely by surprise,” she says. “All these people have been sending me e-mails, telling me what a wonderful job I’m doing, and all I can think is that they’re also doing a wonderful job.”

McAleer studied nursing at San Diego State University. During breaks, she returned to Monterey and worked as a nursing assistant and unit receptionist for Community Hospital. Upon graduation, she interviewed for a job and was hired on the spot. Since then, she’s worked in many areas and now serves as employee health specialist in Employee Wellness and Health.

McAleer appreciates the growth opportunities and learning environment of Employee Wellness and Health. Her role is one of public health versus acute care, as she administers tuberculosis tests and vaccinations, health screening for new employees, health counseling, and follow-up on employee exposures to infectious disease. While she misses working with the hospital’s patients, McAleer is pleased to make a difference in the lives of colleagues and volunteers.

“Patti is kind and caring to everyone and demonstrates an uncommon commitment and perseverance to her work,” says Darlene DeLancey, director of Employee Wellness and Health. “She has had a positive impact on many of our employees and they seek her guidance and health counseling. She is a role model of excellence in nursing and a terrific mentor.”

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