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Letter from the President

Dr. Steven PackerWelcome to our wellness issue of Pulse magazine.

We hear it more and more: People want to know what they can do to get healthy or stay healthy. They want to live not just longer, but better, more active lives. How can they do it? To paraphrase Barbara Quinn, one of our clinical dietitians, the advice your grandmother gave you still holds true: Eat right, exercise, get plenty of sleep.

To that, add: Get regular checkups, stay current on vaccinations, and get the various health screenings recommended for your age, health history, and other variables.

In the pages that follow, local clinicians expand on all these areas, providing road maps to help you get well and stay well. We also encourage you to visit our web site,, where we have a wealth of information on prevention, wellness, and specific health issues. You’ll also find information about Peninsula Wellness Center, our wellness facility opening soon in Marina.

In this issue, you will also read profiles of a few of our generous donors, as well as the names of hundreds of others whose philanthropy is key to Community Hospital’s own health and well-being. We deeply appreciate the community’s ongoing support.


Steven Packer, MD


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