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Peter Baird:

Gift of life

Peter Baird

Peter Baird rolls up his sleeves in several different ways when it comes to supporting Community Hospital’s Blood Center.

First and foremost, he’s a committed blood donor. Cumulatively, through more than 120 visits, he’s donated the equivalent of 15 gallons of blood.

Baird, a partner in Mahoney & Associates Commercial Real Estate firm in Monterey, is also a primary force behind Community Hospital’s annual holiday blood drive. The yearly effort raises community awareness and blood donations during a season when needs are great and donations are typically down. Baird urged the hospital to begin collecting comments from donors explaining why they donate. Then their quotes are published in newspaper ads during the holiday season. Baird helps underwrite the cost of those ads through generous financial contributions each year.

Finally, Baird also personally recruits donors. On the day he was giving his 120th pint, he brought along a first-time donor, hoping to introduce her to a lifelong commitment to giving the gift of life.

“You can donate blood every 56 days. And if you do that from the time you’re 17, when you can first donate, until you turn 76, you will have donated 28 gallons,” he says. “And because of the three components of blood, that could potentially help save 1,000 lives.”

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