Spring 2008

In this issue



Trying Teens?
The eventful years of adolescence



Teen Travails
Navigating ambiguous waters



Staying the course
Catching up with Nick Rivelli



Teen sleep patterns
Rebellion or routine?



Paying attention to teens



Staying focused
Elizabeth Marshall



Stopping cervical cancer
Vaccine targets young audience



Who are they going to call?
Hotlines for teens and parents



Patricia New
Pharmacist follows a rare career path



Taking aim at breast cancer
MRI-guided biopsies



Running (or walking or biking) for a good cause
Fundraising for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society



Partners for a healthy community
Giving to Community Hospital



Return on investment
June Duran Stock



Going for the Greens



The art of giving
Robert and Shirley Larsen



New ways for the new age
Jennifer L. Martinez



Just breathe...