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Life after surgery

Life after bariatric surgery

Bariatric surgery is a major event in your weight-loss journey, and should be seen as a new beginning. After surgery, you will have questions about managing weight, vitamins and medications, exercise, diet, and lifestyle changes.

Long-term follow up helps ensure that you lose weight and keep it off and do not develop vitamin or nutritional deficiencies or struggle with emotional changes that occur for some people experience when they lose a lot of weight.

In addition to regular follow ups with your surgeon, Community Hospital encourages you to check out its support groups, classes, and lectures - many of which are free - to help you on your weight-loss journey.

Support groups

Meet with our experts and hear from other patients who have undergone bariatric weight-loss surgery. Learn about a variety of topics designed to help people better obtain and maintain their weight loss goals after surgery. See all classes >>

Nutrition and healthy eating

Get hands-on experience with healthy cooking, take a supermarket tour with a nutritionist, learn about probiotics, anti-inflammatory foods, and other nutrition-based lectures. See all classes >>

Exercise and fitness

Feel better and maintain a healthy weight through light exercise including our walk and win and tai chi classes. Or, learn about various fitness topics through a free lecture series called Better U, at Montage Wellness Center.

Mind and body wellness

Learn to how to positively manage stress, depression, and your mood through these eye-opening classes.
See all classes >>

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Is bariatric surgery right for me?

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Bariatric surgeons

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