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Types of bariatric surgery we offer

Nearly all weight-loss procedures at Community Hospital are done laproscopically rather than through open abdominal surgery, mainly Roux-en-Y gastric bypass (or gastric bypass), and vertical sleeve gastrectomy (or gastric sleeve).

Laparoscopy is a surgical technique in which long, slender tubes as small as or smaller than a finger, called trocars, are used to fill the abdomen with gas. A camera is inserted through the tubes, enabling the surgeon to see inside of the abdominal cavity.

Laparoscopic surgery usually involves much less pain than open surgery, a lower risk of infection and hernias, less scarring inside of the abdomen, and quicker recovery.

Gastric bypass

Laparoscopic Roux-en-Y gastric bypass, or simply gastric bypass, is generally considered the gold standard against which other weight loss operations are measured.

In a gastric bypass, there is no need to remove any part of the stomach, however. Instead, the stomach is divided into two parts — an upper pouch about the size of a thumb, and the lower part, which contains well over 95 percent of the volume of the stomach. The small intestine is then divided and brought up to the small pouch so that food goes directly from the esophagus through the tiny gastric pouch and into the small intestine, bypassing the stomach.

Because food does not enter the main part of the stomach, people generally can’t eat as much as quickly as they once did.

Gastric bypass surgery

Gastric sleeve

In vertical sleeve gastrectomy, commonly known as gastric sleeve, approximately 80 percent of the stomach is removed. This part of the stomach generally stores food after meals.

Because the storage part of the stomach is removed, sleeve gastrectomy patients cannot eat as much as quickly at one time, contributing to weight-loss.

Food enters the small intestine more quickly, which may help hunger go away more quickly after eating, and there are hormonal changes that may also diminish hunger.

Vertical sleeve gastrectomy

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Is bariatric surgery right for me?

Life after surgery

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