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Life comes full circle for Jackie Wendland

Jackie WendlandWhen Jackie Wendland worked as a foundation officer, she received a funding request for breast imaging equipment from Community Hospital’s Breast Care Center in 2005. She had no idea the impact it would make on her own life.

“I thought the technology was amazing and knew we needed to have it available in our community,” she says. “Years later, I became a direct beneficiary.”

In January 2016, Jackie’s annual mammogram at the Carol Hatton Breast Care Center revealed two suspicious areas. An ultrasound and biopsies revealed one spot was cancer and the other was a “stage zero breast cancer,” usually diagnosed on a mammogram when it is so small that it has not formed a lump.

“I promptly had surgery to remove the areas of concern and a plan for radiation therapy was developed,” Jackie says. “Although it all happened quickly, I felt personally supported and fully informed by Dr. [Susan] Roux, the medical director, and her team. I knew exactly what to expect.”

After a previously planned trip to Costa Rica, she began three weeks of radiation treatment.

“I had very few side effects, if any, thanks to the precise, targeted doses of the linear accelerator. I was so fortunate to have access to this advanced technology at Community Hospital.”

With her health restored, Jackie marvels at the caliber of specialized, compassionate care she received at the Breast Care Center and hospital. In return, she has found multiple ways to express her gratitude. She volunteers at the center and supports it through annual contributions to ensure others have access to care.

“Please get screened,” Jackie tells others. “Early detection can make a huge difference. And, should you ever require treatment, the Carol Hatton Breast Care Center provides an incredible level of service. We are truly fortunate to have this critical resource right here in our community.”

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