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Childbirth Education Class Library

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This content is meant to be used in conjunction with our Childbirth Education Class - 2 Week Program course.

Class I

  1. Simple story
    • Birth (Video Library InJoyOnline)
  2. Stages of Labor
    • Prelabor
      1. Braxton Hicks Contractions (Video Library InJoyOnline)
      2. Contraction Timer (Parent’s Toolbox InjoyOnline)
      3. Fetal Movement Counter (Parent’s Toolbox InJoyOnline)
    • Early Labor
      1. Onset of Labor (Video Library InJoyOnline)
      2. Early Labor (Video Library InJoyOnline)
      3. Water Breaking Animation (Video Library InJoyOnline)
    • Active Labor
      1. Onset of Labor (Video Library InJoyOnline)
      2. Pain in Labor (Video Library InJoyOnline)
    • Transition
      1. Transition (Video Library InJoyOnline)
    • Pushing
      1. Pushing (Video Library InJoyOnline)
      2. Bony Plates Animation (Video Library InJoyOnline)
      3. Pushing Positions (Video Library InJoyOnline)
    • 4th Stage (Immediately Post Delivery)
      1. Placenta (Video Library InJoyOnline)
      2. 4th Stage of Labor (Video Library InJoyOnline)
      3. First Feed (Video Library InJoyOnline)
      4. Newborn Procedure (Video Library InJoyOnline)
        Additional Resources:
      5. The Magical Hour: A Baby’s 9 Instinctive Stages (Benefits of Skin to Skin)
      6. The Penny Simkins Channel (YouTube)
      7. Penny Simkin on Delayed Cord Clamping
  3. Class I Homework
    • Birth Planning
      1. Brandy’s Birth (Video Library InJoyOnline)
      2. Cara’s Birth (Video Library InJoyOnline)
      3. Louisa’s Birth (Video Library InJoyOnline)
      4. Marimar’s Birth (Video Library InJoyOnline)
      5. Birth Plan Checklist (Parent’s Toolbox InJoyOnline)
        Additional Resources:
      6. The Penny Simkin Channel (YouTube)
        • A Day You’ll Never Forget – Importance of Birth Memories
        • Trends in Maternity Care – Honest Advice for Improving Your Birth
      7. Lamaze 6 Healthy Birth Practices (YouTube)
      8. World Health Organization Recommendations for Positive Childbirth Experience: Summarizes care options for birth, and which are and are not recommended based on the available evidence (summary on pages 4-8)
      9. Birth By The Numbers: Looks at Birth Outcomes in the US (YouTube)
      10. Push For Your Baby – Parents share their stories (YouTube)

Class II

  1. Coping
    • Birth Companions (Video Library InJoyOnline)
    • Breathing in Labor (Video Library InJoyOnline)
    • Labor Positions (Video Library InJoyOnline)
    • Hydrotherapy (Video Library InJoyOnline)
    • Massage in Labor (Video Library InJoyOnline)
      Additional Resources:
    • The Penny Simkin Channel (You Tube)
      1. Pain Versus Suffering in Labor
      2. Penny Simkin – Why Comfort Measures?
      3. The Role of Fathers at the Birth: An Interview with Amy Gilliland
      4. The Role of the Grandmother at Labor & Birth
      5. Scene from Penny Simkin’s Comfort Measures – The 3 Rs & Slow Breathing
      6. Scene from Penny Simkin’s Comfort Measures – Slow Dancing
  2. Pain Management Options
    • Analgesic (Video Library InJoyOnline)
    • Epidural Procedure (Video Library InJoyOnline)
      Additional Resources:
    • The Penny Simkin Channel (YouTube)
    • The Code Word-Ensure Your Pain Management Wishes Are Followed
    • If You’re Planning an Epidural
    • Care of a Woman with an Epidural – 5 Rules for Good Support
    • Pain Medication Preference Scale: Clarify your feelings about Pain and Medications in Childbirth (
  3. Interventions
    • Fetal Monitoring (Video Library InJoyOnline)
    • Induction (Video Library InJoyOnline)
    • Augmentation (Video Library InJoyOnline)
    • Cesarean Surgery (Video Library InJoyOnline)
    • Unplanned Cesarean (Video Library InJoyOnline)
      Additional Resources:
    • Groopman Spectrum: Explore Your Feelings Towards Medicine’s Role in Your Care
    • American College of Gynecologist Safe Prevention of Primary Cesarean: Summarizes guidelines for determining when a cesarean should and should not occur (Table 3)
  4. 4th Trimester
    • Parenting
      1. Newborn’s World (Video Library InJoyOnline)
      2. Baby Comfort Techniques (Parent’s Toolbox InJoyOnline)
        Additional Resources:
      3. Purple Period of Crying: A way to help parents understand normal development in their baby’s early life
      4. The Penny Simkin Channel (YouTube)
        • Singing to the Baby
    • Breastfeeding
      1. Latching On (Video Library InJoyOnline)
      2. Hunger Cues (Video Library InJoyOnline)
    • Maternal Emotional Journey
      1. Postpartum Emotions (Video Library InJoyOnline)
      2. Postnatal Depression Assessment (Parent’s Toolbox InJoyOnline)
        Additional Resources:
      3. The Penny Simkin Channel (YouTube)
      4. Traumatic Childbirth
      5. Childbirth Madness in Motherhood: One Woman’s Journey Through Postpartum Psychosis
  5. Class II Homework
    • What to Pack for the Hospital Checklist (Parent Toolbox InJoyOnline)
    • Trimester Checklists (Parent Toolbox InJoyOnline)
    • Baby Supplies Checklist (Parent Toolbox InJoyOnline)

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