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So you're expecting baby

Ah, yes... babies.

What is it about these magical, mystical little people? We stare at them for hours. We stand in line to hold them. We get all silly and giggly when we bend down to play with them. The answer is probably that they are so much more than they might seem - at least at first glance. Babies are innocence. They are joy. They are hope.

Oh, sure, they keep us up at night. But they also keep us young. And they keep us in line. It was Oliver Wendell Holmes who once said that pretty much all the honest truth telling in the world is done by children.

And now you're expecting...

It can be overwhelming and exciting and unimaginable. It can also be filled with questions and confusion. We've prepared a road map of sorts to help you navigate the pregnancy, birth, and post-birth period.

We hope it helps.

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