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What will happen during your hospital stay   

  • Your nurse will regularly assess the baby's overall status, and your baby's doctor will examine your baby, including a full physical and an assessment of the baby's feeding and elimination patterns.
  • The nurse will examine your breasts, uterus, and bladder and will check your blood flow, blood pressure, and physical signs.
  • As a certified U.S. Baby-friendlyTM birth facility, our staff has extensive training to assist babies and mothers with breastfeeding. In addition, the Lactation Education Service offers prenatal and postpartum classes, and in-patient and out-patient consultation.
  • Blood will be drawn from your baby's heel for state-mandated newborn screening tests (see below).
  • Upon your request, your baby boy will be circumcised.
  • You may be taking medication for discomfort.
  • If indicated, you will be given Rhogam and rubella immunizations.
  • Your nurse will show you how to nurse your baby lying down so you can rest and feed your baby at the same time. You will also be shown how to recognize your baby's feeding patterns and what to expect in terms of wet diapers and bowel movements. You will learn how to care for the umbilical cord, skin, and circumcision, and how to take your baby's temperature.
  • Let your body guide your eating patterns. If you are hungry, eat. If you are thirsty, drink.
  • Let your body dictate your activity level. To get the necessary rest and take advantage of the nursing care, you might want to limit the number of visitors.
  • Your nurse - in consultation with your doctor - will let you know when you can expect to return home.
  • You will complete your baby's birth certificate.
  • Your doctor and your baby's doctor will tell you before you leave the hospital when to make office visits for you and your baby.

Newborn screening test

California law requires that your baby have the Newborn Screening Test before leaving the hospital. The simple test requires a small amount of blood being drawn from your baby's heel. The blood is sent to a state-approved lab for testing.

Special needs

If your baby has special needs following delivery, he or she may be cared for in the Intermediate Intensive Care Nursery (IICN) by specialty trained staff. You may visit your baby while he or she is in the IICN as often as you wish. Once your pediatrician releases your baby from the IICN, he or she can join you in your room.

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