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Pathology FAQs

What is a pathologist?

A pathologist is a doctor with special training in identifying diseases and disorders by performing tests on tissue and blood samples. At Community Hospital of Monterey Peninsula, our pathologists have completed additional training in various sub-specialties. All of our pathologists are board certified, meaning they have demonstrated expertise in their field.

What do pathologists do?

Pathologists use a microscope and other tools and tests to examine tissue and blood samples. They consider observations your doctor has made about your signs and symptoms, as well as their own tests, to make a diagnosis.

Is pathology a lab test?

Pathology is much more than a lab test. It involves consulting with a patient’s doctor based on the pathologist’s expert review of results.

What is a biopsy?

A biopsy is a sample of tissue. For certain suspected diseases and conditions, doctors will remove a small sample of tissue for analysis by a pathologist. Biopsies are the single most important way to diagnose certain diseases, such as cancer.

What pathology services does Community Hospital offer?

Our pathologists offer a wide range of techniques for analyzing tissue and blood samples. In addition to examining samples with microscopes, our pathologists use molecular and genetic profiling to examine tissue samples. This information can help doctors choose the most effective treatment.

How quickly will I receive the pathology results, and how will they arrive?

Depending on the type of sample and the tests needed, we generally produce a final pathology report within 48 hours of receiving your samples. Some molecular tests take longer, from a few days to more than a week. Results are sent directly to your doctor and often are also discussed by telephone with your doctor.

What happens after I get my test results?

Your doctor will use the information from our analysis, along with the results of other tests you may have had, to recommend the most appropriate treatment for you.

Why should I choose Community Hospital for pathology and lab services?

Our board-certified pathologists provide expert consultation for all cancerous and noncancerous disorders. They have sub-specialty training in analyzing diseases in specific parts of the body, have worked in world-class academic medical centers, and are highly regarded in their fields. They see many cases and many types of cases, increasing their knowledge and experience, which translates to better care for you.

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