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After your outpatient surgery

During your first 24 hours at home:
  • Rest. Take naps if you feel sleepy.
  • Take your pain medication regularly and throughout the night if you are having pain.
  • Do use your CPAP machine. This is especially important after sedation.
  • Do deep breathing and coughing three times each hour while you are awake.
  • Do not drive a car or operate machinery of any kind, including household appliances.
  • Do not make important legal decisions.
  • Avoid rich or spicy foods. Progress slowly. Recommended items:
    • Soup
    • Toast
    • Crackers
    • Jell-o®
    • Non-caffeinated carbonated beverages
  • Do not drink alcohol.
You may experience drowsiness, fatigue, nausea, throat irritation, and/or muscle soreness. These will usually disappear within 24 hours.
Contact your surgeon if you experience any of the following:
  • Unexpected pain
  • Bleeding
  • Inability to urinate
  • Fever or rash
Incision or wound care
  • Do not touch your incision.
  • Protect your incision from injury. If you have been instructed to walk with a cane or walker, follow instructions to prevent a fall.
  • Avoid tight clothing that may rub and irritate the incision or interfere with wound healing.
  • Keep the dressing in place for as long as you are instructed by your doctor. Keep the area clean and dry.
  • Pets can be comforting but may also be curious about your incision. Protect your incision until it is healed.
  • If you are instructed to touch your dressing or replace the dressing, always wash your hands first. Use soap and water on all skin surfaces of your hands and wrists for 15 seconds or more. Rinse and thoroughly dry your hands.
  • Continue to keep open wounds or cuts clean, dry, and covered with a Band-aid® or dressing.

If you have questions, please call the Outpatient Surgery Center - Monday through Thursday, 7 a.m. to 5 p.m., (831) 625-4990 or your doctor.

A representative of Community Hospital may call to ask you about the care you received in the Outpatient Surgery Center. Your opinion is very important to us.

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