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The Recovery Center

Recovery is the experience of a lifetime

HPCHartnell Professional Center

The Recovery Center's comprehensive program for adults can help restore health, improve family relationships, quality of life, and self-respect, and increase dignity. Our experienced staff knows that everyone’s treatment plan requires individual assessment and treatment options.

Through family counseling, group therapy, and educational sessions, people learn to re-experience freedom from alcohol and drugs. We help them understand themselves, the disease, and how it affects family, friends, and others. We help build effective coping techniques and support recovery.

About the Recovery Center

The Recovery Center is an outpatient program providing adults with structured treatment, Monday through Friday evenings. The program is dedicated to the treatment of chemical dependency and to restoring the quality of life for participants.

Recovery Center program components

The Recovery Center is designed to meet the needs of people 18 years and older who are experiencing problems with alcohol and/or drugs. Successful recovery involves developing new skills and behaviors, changing old attitudes, and learning to deal more effectively with the ups and downs of daily living.

The Recovery Center offers a structured program that works with patients and their families. The program includes strategies to reach and maintain sobriety, coping mechanisms, improved understanding of addiction, family education, risk management, and a variety of relapse-prevention tools. By meeting in the evenings, the treatment program enables many clients to continue with work or school during treatment. The center uses a 12-step approach with education, and skill-building, with a strong family component, aftercare, and an alumni group. 

What is chemical dependency?

Chemical dependency is characterized by unhealthy involvement with mood- or mind-altering chemicals such as alcohol, street drugs, and certain prescription medications. It is a chronic, progressive, and potentially fatal condition.

Chemical dependency damages all aspects of one's life including health, career, family, and finances.



  • Addiction medication evaluation and consultation
  • Psychiatric evaluation and treatment, may be available through consultation (additional charges will apply)
  • Group and individual treatment
  • Education and skill-building
  • Family involvement
  • Self-help
  • Relapse prevention
  • Aftercare

Who would benefit?

If you or someone you know is having problems with alcohol or drugs, our adult recovery program can help.

Do you have a problem?

This list of questions can help you decide whether you are addicted to alcohol or drugs or have the potential for addiction. There are no right answers, only honest answers. If you find yourself answering "yes" to more than two, you may want to talk with professional.

  • Has spending money on alcohol or drugs kept you from buying necessities such as food or from paying the rent or mortgage?
  • Have you ever borrowed money to pay for alcohol or drugs?
  • Have you ever missed a day of work because of drinking or using drugs?
  • Have you ever used alcohol or drugs to help get through the day?
  • Have you ever driven a car while under the influence of alcohol or drugs?
  • Do you use alcohol or drugs to feel good or self-confident, overcome shyness, or to forget your problems?
  • Have you ever tried to cut down your drinking or drug use?
  • Do you ever feel guilty about drinking or using drugs?
  • Do you have trouble waking up or feel as if you have a hangover the morning after you drink or use drugs?
  • Do you suspect that your use of alcohol or drugs has increased over the past few months?
  • Have you ever thought about suicide since you've been drinking or using drugs?

Aftercare services

Each person's recovery plan is tailored to meet their individual needs; we strongly encourage family/support person’s participation, as well as patient follow-up through aftercare and alumni programs to help stay substance-free and continue learning about the disease of addiction.


Chemical dependency-certified physicians can provide medical detoxification and appropriate medical treatment. 

Contact us

If you would like more information for yourself or someone you care about, call us.

For more information or for an appointment, call (831) 624-5311 x 3269.

Many insurers cover Recovery Center treatment. Financial assistance may be available. Employee assistance program and managed care referrals are welcome.

We can help.

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For appointments, call:

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5-9 p.m. Monday through Friday

Adult Recovery:

Hartnell Professional Center
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Clients 18 years and older who need treatment for alcohol and drug use; can be referred to our new evening intensive outpatient treatment program.

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